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A word from the President

Noelle Allon, Kendra Anick, Charise Barner, Vedas Bey, Nicholas Chan, Megan Farkasovsky, Sudhir Gupta, Diane Hines, Kacey Hoot, Calvin Jackson, Brett Kelly, Rita Lengvarsky, Timothy Mazzacua, James McBride, Duane Mengo, Shannon Moss, Isabel Muga, Brad Murphy, Marysa Myers, Lindsay Pride, Allison Rakocy, Shane Recker, Chad Ringel, Joanna Rivero, Emily Rogers, Gretchen Smathers, Terry Spear, and Juane Tyler! 


Welcome to your 'PMI Pittsburgh Chapter'!  Please reach out to our NEW VP of Membership:  David Begis,  VP Membership, to learn more about the benefits of your new membership! 


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