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Project Everest - Reaching new heights in project management - Session 1



COST: $40  ($10 off for attendees signing up for both sessions)


This dynamic program is built around the two years of planning and two months of climbing that went into making the project of reaching the summit of Mount Everest a reality and world record for Alan and three members of his immediate family.

Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of humanity’s greatest feats of physical, mental and emotional endurance. The exciting expedition to the top of the world’s highest peak is a journey filled with unparalleled challenges and some of the roughest, most extreme conditions imaginable. Alan integrates his project management and engineering background throughout the program putting specific emphasis on adopting an agile mentality so that we are not too rigid in our thinking, reframing activities to focus on results rather than tasks, developing a level of trust in professional relationships, gaining alignment and commitment, working through change, recognizing strengths, managing schedule and risks, adopting an iterative approach which incorporates immediate feedback, and effectively working together to achieve strategic goals.

His message is about the passion, commitment, and resilience that are needed to reach new heights in all that we do as well as the strategies and tools that allow great leaders and committed teams to achieve breakthrough performance.


  • Reframing activities to focus on goals and results rather than tasks
  • Adaptive planning based on current knowledge and goals
  • Empowering team members to make critical decisions
  • Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Responding quickly and efficiently to issues that arise
  • Strategies for flexibility and working through change
  • Development of risk response strategies
  • Overcoming adversity and internal challenges
  • Making critical decisions and taking appropriate action
  • Adopting an iterative approach
  • Recognizing and influencing emotions in ourselves and team members
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Communication challenges and recognizing non-verbal cues



Register to this event
Register to this event


Type of category: Professional Development

Type of activity: Technical

Date: July 13th, 2021

Hour: 9:00AM to 12:30PM

Number of PDUs: 3.5


Members: $40.00

Non members: $40.00

Students: $40.00


2-part virtual event