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President's Message

As we move into the long month of March we are focusing on a few key areas. One thing that has been on the minds of the chapter officers, as well as PMI global, is the security of your personal data. When the board attended the LIM meeting in October it was clear PMI was going to focus more on data security. Because PMI is a global organization, we were impacted by the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that governs data in the EU. This regulation, and the awareness of data breaches in the news, has caused PMI to take a closer look at the way we use our data. I want to assure you that we take your data privacy very seriously and never share member information with vendors, members, or companies. We are also careful what information is shared with our volunteers. I am sure in your work you are impacted by many regulations around data security and understand the need for caution. Rest assured your data is safe and we have procedures in place to keep it that way.

Now to the fun stuff…we are starting to think about a few large initiatives that we hope to begin in 2019. First off, we have discussed the opportunity to build another satellite in the south to accommodate our members in that area. Did you know that 1/3 of our membership resides in the south? We will be looking for someone to help with the setup and management of that site. If you are interested, please reach out to Valerie Carpenter our VP of Programs.

Two other ideas that just surfaced last week are the idea of having a job fair (we have talked about this for years but haven’t executed) and a mentoring program. I have heard from many folks that they are interested in either being a mentor or having a mentor. Both of these activities will require volunteers so if either of them sounds like something you want to help plan please reach out to me. Talk to you in April.

Kimberly Reed
President, Pittsburgh PMI


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Upcoming Meetings

March Chapter Meeting

Please join us for the monthly chapter meeting.  

Integrating Design Thinking on Your Projects

Thursday, March 14th, 2019, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM ... find out more from the chapter website.

Johnstown, Mid-State and Northern Satellites - March Meeting

Networking and Live Streaming Presentation of the Pittsburgh Chapter meeting.

Pittsburgh Diversity LIG

How many ways can you define the word “diversity”? Did you run out of fingers as you tallied them? This year in PMI Pittsburgh Chapter, we’re beginning to explore diversity and inclusion:

  • January and February focused on women in project management, a platform that is off and running. (Contact me if you want more info.)
  • For March, we are having a discussion around intergenerational mentorship. Those of us who have worked with younger colleagues have experienced the value of their generation-specific insights and skills. The archaic notion of top-down-only mentorship is gone, folks. We have a richer dynamic available.

As project manager leaders, we know that we need to be on the cutting edge of best practices. We also have an incredible opportunity each day to influence the members of our teams and promote organizational growth and excellence. Inclusion and diversity are key, and I invite you to join the discussion 14Mar, 5:30-6:30p, as we focus on “Intergenerational Collaboration – All Ages Welcome!” (Even if you cannot attend, there are some helpful links in the event description to get you thinking.)

Kristen Gallup
PMI Pittsburgh Director of Diversity
P.S. Please send ideas of diversity/inclusion topics you would like to see to me at [email protected] Just want to have a conversation? That’s fine, too

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Focus Features:  

Upcoming Events - 2019 Intercollegiate Project Management Triathlon (IPMT)

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