If you are like me, you are asking where January went. I guess what they say is true, time flies when you are having fun and we have been having fun so far this year.

We are planning to roll out many new programs. Lou Martina, David Begis and team are busy launching our first ever mentoring program. This was something that we have been hearing that you wanted for years now and I am so happy that we are making it happen. We are also working on launching our brand-new website, which should be launched in the next two months. Arijith Roy has many great education opportunities coming like in the next few months (PMP Prep, ACP, plus many more). Valerie Carpenter has a great lineup of chapter speakers planned for you. This is the first time I remember us having so many speakers lined up in advance. Paul Halenda and team are launching more ways to get involved and engaged with the chapter than I can even mention. We also just got word that because this is our 40th anniversary (more to come on that next month) we are going to give out another scholarship. Randy and I are starting what I hope to be a wonderful partnership between Pittsburgh PMI, PittAgile and the IIBA. We are planning a large event to come to you in the March/April timeframe.

With everything that is happening, I can’t believe that it is only February. We will be launching a survey soon to get your feedback on our current programs and to see what other programs you might be interested in seeing. I am also very happy to announce that we are contracting with a Point Park University student to help us with our technology needs. If you come to the meetings to attend via web conferencing, you will probably see Mitchel setting up the equipment next month. Give us a little time to get this organized but you should see improvement coming in the next few months. Hope to see you at the next chapter meeting!

Thank you!




Lisa Adams, Thomas Alderson, Anand Atmuri, Silva Bahadursha, Pitchiah Balasubramanian, Eric Balent, Michael Barnes, Erica Batson, Joan Bayer, Ratna Divya Bejjam, Rachel Belli-Little, Rhonda Bishop, Melanie Bishop, Elizabeth Bonelli, Casey Burke, Thiago Castro Neves, Madison Caufield, Wen-Ling Chen, John Chesko, Rajan Choudhary, Rachel Costa, Kenny Crowel, Michael Cuccaro, Michelle Damico, Brian DAntonio, Theresa Davis, Andrew Derr, Nicole Dimond, Jennifer Donelli, Daniel Dorazio, Nicholas Druga, Terrence Durbin, Karen Eck, Steve Ezar, Ronald Ferlin, Alexander Ferraro, Ginger Ferrero, Caitrin Fitzgerald, Kory Flaherty, Meredith Flaherty, Derek Flake, Ed Giles, Michelle Gravante, Darcy Griffin, Monica M Haenni, MD Nasif Hassan, Matt Hill, Sara Hilton, Tyler Huss, Neil Jones, Shelia Kingsley, Monica Kozar, Rick Labiak, Raunaq Lala, Russell Lane, Jonathan Laychak, Jaquan Leech, Jada Lehman, Lisa Long, Carrie Lucci, Molly MacLagan, James Martin, Krystyna Martin, Travis McClellan, Ben McDonald, Regina McDonald Russian, Richard McNelis, ERIC MEJIA, Jinal Mistry, Walter Mizia, Michelle Monday, Rich Muchoney, Hunter Mueller, Timothy Nolan, Sudheendra Nori, Shigeru Ohnogi, Jason  Olecki , Karyl Owings, Ravi Patel, Brandon Patterson, Michael Payne, Steve Persaud, Jill Petroy, Todd Polanowicz, Therese Poujade-Goustiaux, Hannah Rauch, Caitlin Ridgely, Benjamin Rieth, Heather Ross, Hilary Ruby, Douglas Salah, Dennis Shafer, Dhiren Shetty, Julie Simon, Matthew Simone, Luke Sirinek, Caitlin Sloan, Jose Solis, Rachel Stachelrodt, Anne Storm, Ben Stoviak, Erica Tamburo, Adrian Thompson, Mercedes Truax, Frank Ukpetenan, Jamie Valeriano, Amber Vecchio, Kirsti Walent, John Warnagiris, Matthew Wehman, Dana Williams, Tyler Wilson, David Wolfe, Nina Wroniak, Markus Wuensch, Emily Zbryski.   Please reach out to Louis Martina, VP Membership, to learn more about the beneifits of your new membership within the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter


Continuing on from Kim's 'President's Message', I would like to thank David Begis, Director, Mentorship, for his drive & direction to get the 'Pittsburgh PMI Bridge Builders' Mentoring Program' launched in February.  We had a wonderful mixer on Tuesday, February 18.  There were twenty-two (22) mentors and twenty-nine (29) prospective proteges in attendance to meet & greet their potential peers and partners for the next four (4) months.  Details on the final parings and group meeting dates will be forthcoming, soon! 


On a membership note, here are some interesting data points related to our current totals and retention stats:

Metric Feb-2020
Current chapter members*      NEW RECORD!   1871
Delta from previous month 6
Delta percent from previous month 0.3%
New members 41
Members expiring within 30 days 167
Members expiring within 60 days 313
# current members who were members 1 year ago 1470
Renewals of current members 131
Renewals of lapsed members - rejoined 11
Expired members 34
Member retention % of members from 1 year ago 79.1%
Member retention % from previous month 30 day at-risk 62.1%
Member retention % from previous month 60 day at-risk 43.2%

THANK YOU, ALL, for all that you do to keep our membership thriving throughout Western Pennsylvania! 



Upcoming Meetings

November 12 2020


Improving Stakeholder Relationships

November 12th, 20206:45PM to 8:00PM



FreeNon members

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November 13 2020


2020 Pittsburgh PMI - PittAgile Gathering

November 13th to November 14th, 20208:00AM to 4:20PM



$75.00Non members

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Professional Development

November 13 2020


2020 Pittsburgh PMI - PittAgile Gathering

November 13th to November 14th, 20208:00AM to 4:20PM



$75.00Non members

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Academic Professional Development Scholarships

Academic Scholarship:

PMIEF Academic Scholarship 2019 sponsored by our chapter was a success. Adam Egri from Pitt Katz Business School was the winner. Our chapter will continue Academic Scholarship for 2020.

Professional Development (PD) Scholarships

New Horizon Computer Learning Center sponsored two PD scholarships for the Pittsburgh Chapter members in 2019. The winners were Sonja Fenk from Premier, Inc. for winning the PDU course scholarship, and Stephanie Pedersen from GNC for winning the PMP prep course scholarship.   

For 2020, Project Brilliant will sponsor up to two PD scholarships for Certified Scrum Mater training courses.  It is a 2-day interactive workshop for anyone want to learn and implement Scrum.

Details of the course can be found on Project Brilliant website; details on the scholarship and application is on the chapter website under EVENTS and Apply for Scholarships.

PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Milestone Scholarship

The Project Management Institute has donated a PMI Chapter Milestone Professional Development Scholarship in honor of the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter for reaching its 40-year milestone. The scholarship, valued up to US $3,500, may be awarded in whole or in part to one or more individuals. The professional development scholarship is hosted on PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) websites.  See details of PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Milestone Scholarship.

2020 Intercollegiate Project Management Triathlon

The 2020 Intercollegiate Project Management Triathlon will be held on March 27 – 28, 2020. The IPMT is a two-day event that combines a traditional team and individual quiz bowl format along with team building activities. Quizzes are based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Participants must be part- or full-time undergraduate students who do not already have a PMI certification. Winners will receive CAPM fee reimbursement, PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Membership, IPMT swag, and professional and peer contacts.

Volunteers are needed to help prepare for the event and throughout the weekend.

Please contact PittsburghPMIAcademicOutreach@gmail.com for more information. We have lots of great activities planned for the weekend – we hope to see you there!

Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

Relationship Managers

The Organizational Outreach Committee is seeking PMI Pittsburgh members who have dual membership with other professional organizations to serve as relationship managers. This volunteer position provides a unique opportunity to gain PDU's while increasing your professional networking and knowledge base. Of course, anyone interested in becoming a relationship manager is welcome, even if you do not currently participate in another organization.

To join this dynamic team, please contact emcmannpt@gmail.com

Elizabeth McMann

Company Coordinators

Your PMI chapter wants to increase the value to the companies that sponsor our members. To help achieve this, we want to identify how we can best add value within members' companies and raise awareness of education opportunities. To meet that objective, the position of Company Coordinator serves as a key volunteer for our members' companies. This entails a minor commitment and offers PDU’s for participation.

If you are interested please send your name, company, and contact info to Jason.McMann@ert.com for more information. We look forward to partnering with you.

Jason McMann


We now have 1,867 chapter members.  This is a new chapter record!