APRIL 2017


Dear fellow PMI Members and colleagues,


Pittsburgh PMI continues to create activities for you.  Some recent events follow:

  • We provided our second successful transmission of our monthly chapter meeting to the Johnstown, PA area.   Jon Bloom discussed Erie Insurance’s Enterprise Portfolio Management Office and $100M efforts.
  • More members earned their PMI-ACP certification after our January PMI-ACP Prep class.
  • We completed our 5-week PMP Prep class and expect to have more members earning PMP certifications soon.
  • We continue to grow with over 1700 members, up about 200 from this time last year.
  • More job seekers are connected to potential employers in our chapter meetings and website.
  • Our growing sponsorship program is progressing well.
  • A Lessons Learned event hosted at Westinghouse Electric.
  • A fun networking event at Spoonwood Brewing Company was enjoyed by attendees.
  • We continue to identify opportunities to provide value in southwest PA, beyond Pittsburgh.
  • Local Interest Groups (LIGs):
    • Pittsburgh PMI has four LIGs as follows:
      • Engineering
      • Finance
      • Healthcare
      • Information Technology
    • We can start more LIG’s if you are interested.  Some potential LIGs follow:
      • PMO
      • Business Analysis
      • Others?
    • Please us for interest in the LIG activities.

Upcoming events include:

  • April 13th chapter meeting with Carl Pritchard discussing the Four C’s of Project Communication.
  • April 14th Risk Management Essentials Seminar with Carl Pritchard, global guru in project risk management.
  • Intercollegiate Project Management Quiz Bowl is being planned for colleges and universities.
  • August 5th Pirate Game Networking Mixer.
  • Professional Development Day work is being planned for the first Wednesday of November.
  • Additional events and speakers are being planned for topics including agile, engineering, and other popular topics per your feedback.  Additional feedback is always welcome!

Project Management Thought:  Business Analysis and Project Management:

Projects in businesses should bring business value, and the project manager’s role is to lead the team to create this business value.  A project manager who has an in-depth vision and knowledge of the product or service can better lead the team to achieve the desired value.  In many organizations, this in-depth knowledge of the products and services resides with the subject matter experts (SMEs) and business analysts (BAs).  Project managers may not always come to a project with this knowledge.  This situation has the potential to create a dynamic where the project manager is leading a team but is not the primary person with the vision of the product or service.  PMI has taken many actions that address this dynamic and help to position the project manager to have the clear vision of the goals.  One related action that PMI took was to bring more business analysis knowledge, skills, and membership under the PMI umbrella.  This puts project managers in a better position to partner with business analysts in a synchronous way for executing project work.  PMI also enables project managers to now develop more business analysis skills and possibly serve the dual role as project manager / business analyst.  When project managers have a strong partnership with business analysts, or serve the dual role, a much higher focus on the business value can be achieved by the team, resulting in a higher level of business value created.

Some PMI publications for business analysis follow:

  • Business Analysis for Practitioners, A Practice Guide
  • Requirements Management, A Practice Guide
  • The Standard for Business Analysis, due to be released Q4 2017

Aligned with the publications above, PMI awards the certification of PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)®.  The combination of project team leaders holding PMI-PBA and PMP certifications is a very powerful force to project execution and results.

In summary, project management and business analysis are both very important to drive maximum value with projects.  The combination of these two disciplines can be through team member partnerships or dual roles.  PMI provides consistent frameworks and processes across these disciplines which can be applied to maximize business value of projects.

What benefits do you see with applying project management and business analysis in a synchronous way on projects?


Please comment on our Pittsburgh PMI LinkedIn Group with your relevant experiences and thoughts. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Pittsburgh-PMI-1028757/about


We look forward to seeing you at our PMI events!


Please contact me with any comments or questions about our chapter.

Best Regards,


President, Pittsburgh PMI



New Chapter Members

As of April 04, 2017 the chapter has 1,689 members. Please join us in welcoming the following new chapter members since the last newsletter:  Todd Allison, James Archbold, Shawn Backo, Kristina Badali, Matthew Benford, Laurene Black, Scott Burgauer, Lisa Carper, Gregory Casey, Jessica Cote, David Crandall, Daniel DePra, Colleen Earley, Heather Eilert, William Fadok, David Gross, Jeffrey Harris, Sarah Herold, Dana Kalowsky Stroucken, Adam Kauffman, Colleen Kazee, Alison Kirkpatrick, Melissa Kirwin, David John Laird, Charles Lepish, Lori Long, Justin Lowry, Hunter Lund, Shannon Malek, Deepa Malhotra, Dustin McQuaide, Anne Moore, Beth Ann Nowka, Shriniwas Padwad, Solanda Peek, Tracee Rain, James Rockovich, Marianne Shiwarski, Steve Sobiech, Tanner Soller, Heather Sprowls, Chad Thomas, Kyle Tobias, Paul Todaro, Mackenzie Varga, Zachary Varga, C Vasudevan, Jeffery Wells, Nuala Whitty, Leslie Wolfe

New Chapter Credentials

As of April 04, 2017 the chapter has 1,227 credentials in the membership (PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-ACP®, PGMP®).  Please join us in congratulating the following new chapter members that received a new credential since the last newsletter:  Nicholas Armstrong PMP ®, Karen Bachman CAPM ®, Sara Byrne PMP ®, Chuck Chrissis PMI-ACP ®, Katherine Harvey CAPM ®, Adam Kauffman PMP ®, Jeff Kepler PMP ®, Melinda Maxwell PMP ®, Kenneth Nemit PMP ®, Carol Nesti PMI-ACP ®, Keith Newmyer PMP ®, Theresa Sable CAPM ®, Stephanie Shields PMP ®, Josef Super PMP ®, Ghyslaine Tchouaga PMP ®, James Tormasi PMI-ACP ®, Glen Trilli PMP ®, Maria Valero Richards PMP ®, Jennifer Wilson PMP ®