APRIL 2018



First, I want to thank everyone who responded to our survey in last month’s newsletter.  The results are:

 Total responding:  27

Do you regularly attend chapter meetings?

Yes:  14 (50%)

No:  14 (50%)

If not, why?

Three sited location.

Meetings are not convenient

Seven noted conflicts with other commitments.

New member

If not, would you participate in a web conference?

Yes:  14 (66.7%)

No:  7 (33.3%)

At what location do you attend chapter meetings?

Pittsburgh:  26(86.67%)

Johnstown:  2 (6.67%)

Do not attend:  2 (6.67%)

How much would you be willing to pay for the monthly chapter meeting (including dinner)?

$10:  13 (56.52%)

$15:  4 (17.39%)

$20:  3 (13.04%)

$25:  3 (13.04%)

Additional comments:

  • Increase Pgh. member dues to balance loss
  • prefer a bundle figure rather than a per meeting basis. could decline participation.
  • But not if I have to go downtown and pay another $5-10 to park!
  • $15 for dinner and a drink ticket.
  • I would rather have light snacks than pay for the meal (finger foods)
  • Is it possible to vary the weekdays for meetings?
  • I wouldn`t attend if I had to pay additional fees.  Couldn`t you eliminate dinner and keep the training free?
  • PMI Pittsburgh provides a significant value to its members: it has a significant amount of activities for members to meet their individual knowledge, social and give-back-to-the- community objectives.  Plus you meet a lot of good people.  The incentive of no-cost dinner is great, as members still have personal costs of transportation and parking in downtown Pittsburgh. 
  • It depends on what type of dinner is included
  • I would prefer the option to NOT have dinner. 
  • It would depend on the presentation to be honest

As you know we want to focus on adaptive delivery for 2018.  One way we want to deliver content to you is through WebEx.  Starting in the next few months we will begin making our chapter meeting speakers available to you at no cost via WebEx.   The one person responsible for this effort is Sandra Williams our VP of Marketing and communications.

Kimberly Reed

President, Pittsburgh PMI


VP Spotlight

VP Spotlight –VP Marketing and Communications

Sandra Williams, MBA, PMP

For those that do not know me, I’ve been a project manager in various industries for 21 years. I’ve been a volunteer with the PMI Pittsburgh chapter for even longer; first as an IT LIG Coordinator, then as VP Programs, a Company Coordinator on the Outreach Team, and now my current role as VP Marketing and Communications.

The Marketing and Communications team has some lofty goals for the remainder of the year. We want to revise our web site, expand our social media activity, and expand our technology offerings. To achieve those goals, we must grow the team.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, positions have been posted to the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). The one remaining position is Director of Technology. This position is key to our chapter’s growth and forward progress. The Director of Technology will support the goals of all other VP teams. The estimated time commitment for this position is 15-25 hours per month.

Additional positions will be posted in the next month to support the Director of Marketing, Director of Communications, and Director of Technology.

When I first got involved with PMI Pittsburgh, I didn’t expect to still be involved 20+ years later. I didn’t expect to make friends with the people I’ve met. I didn’t expect to recommend volunteering to others, but I have and I am doing it again. Take a look at the position description in VRMS and consider applying. It’s a great way to engage with the chapter, set the direction for the chapter’s technology initiatives, have some fun, and earn some PDUs.



This is the first time the Chapter has required the Committee Directors, Chairpersons and Vice Presidents to use the PMI-VRMS (Volunteer Management System) to add, track, and assign our volunteers to their open volunteer opportunities. It’s been a slow, and steady modification, for the good!

Keep up the good work!

We have one hundred forty-seven (147) members currently entered within the VRMS System.   Our chapter leaders have created thirty-six (36) volunteer opportunities within the system. We have filled twenty-six (26) of these positions, to date. There is room for improvement. Please take a moment to see if your group or needs are represented within the VRMS system.

You can access this system from the PMI Global Site by logging in with your PMI credentials to View Opportunities and to Update your Volunteer Profile. Updating your profile will allow you to be notified automatically about volunteer opportunities that match your areas of interest.

Current Volunteer Opportunities – look for these and more on VRMS!

  • OUTREACH: College/University Liaisons, Corporate Coordinators, Event Staffing
  • EDUCATION: Professional Development Day Committee
  • VOLUNTEER: Volunteer Recognition Committee; Volunteer Services
  • MEMBERSHIP: Director, Chapter Analytics, Welcoming Committee,
  • COMMUNICATION: Chapter/Department Coordinators
  • and MORE!!!
  • Reasons to Volunteer

The Pittsburgh Chapter is transitioning to a single-threaded process of matching the needs & wants of the Chapter & members within the VRMS. We need over one hundred twenty (120+) volunteers each year to keep the Chapter moving forward. The success of the chapter, and its departments & committees, depends on our member-volunteers to do the upfront and behind the scenes work to bring our events, meetings, and community good-will to fruition.

And we need you to make this all happen!   So, what’s in for you?

  1. The opportunity to make a real difference within the Chapter:
  2. improve the new member welcoming process
  3. map out the volunteer career paths
  4. become a mentor to a high school or college student thinking about a career in project management
  5. Be the face of the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter:
  6. Chapter Meeting Greeter - Registration Desk
  7. Welcome new members into the Chapter just like you wanted to be greeted & welcomed when you joined!  
  8. Gain personal and professional growth by sharing your time & talents while giving back to the chapter.

To view more details about our current volunteer opportunities and apply, please visit PMI's volunteer management system or contact us at vp_membership@pittsburghPMI.org if you are interested in volunteering!


The chapter’s education team volunteers have started off the year with two great information sessions on the certification changes that are coming on the 26th of March. The PMI-ACP and the PMI-PMP exams are being updated to reflect the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. Please see https://www.pmi.org/certifications/exam-changes for more information and to plan.

The Professional Development Day(PDD) team has also kicked off its planning sessions, the theme for this year will be “Adaptive Delivery”. The following description from Tim Nesdale (https://bit.ly/2I4bH3f) defines adaptive delivery as “rapid delivery of business value in short iterations in return for acceptance of a higher degree of uncertainty regarding the overall delivery of the solution“. The call for presenters will be out very soon. If you would like to share a great speaker or a personal experience from your organization, please feel free to reach out to us at vp_education@pittsburghpmi.org.


New Chapter Members

As of April 4, 2018 the chapter has 51 new members. Please join us in welcoming the following new chapter members since the last newsletter: Garrett Alderson, Jeramiah Alton, Jamara Anthony, Domenic Barnabei, Andrew Baxter, Norma Bazan-Arias, Thomas Buelter, Denise Cognac, James Coughenour, Scott Crew, Isidro Delgado, Peter Divito, Lindsey Dunmyre, J Keller Durkin, Jessica Earhart, Shelly Evans, Randy Graham, Michele Harshaw, Ryan Kasun, Darah King-Jones, Emily Kunz, Adrienne Lalla, Mark Landry, Ashley Leonzio, Sharon Long, Karen Lyons, Brian McCarthy, Erika Morgovich, Heather Moyer, Andrew Munko, Charlie Mutschler, Prabhanjan Nagar, Christine Nestrick, Tyler Nicoletti, Travis Orso , Donald Osinski, Mike Porter, Ali Reheim, Kevin Reilly, Darlene Rhea, Gian Riccadonna, Ann Rittiger, Helen Robinson, Lauren Roche, Jennifer Scicchitano, James Shibata, James Taylor, Linette Voytovich, Neal Weaver, John Winter, Ahmed Zagzoog

Welcome to the Chapter!

New Chapter Credentials

As of April 4, 2018 the chapter has 35 new credentials in the membership (PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-ACP®, PGMP®). Please join us in congratulating the following new chapter members that received a new credential since the last newsletter: Evan Cobbett, CAPM, Tingting Fan, CAPM, Thomas Kuncas, CAPM, Jebaraj Jothimoni, PMI-ACP, Vladimir Kaminsky, PMI-ACP, Ryan Milliron, PMI-ACP, Lawrence Mumford, PMI-ACP, Ashleigh Riehl, PMI-ACP, Peter Zenz, Ph.D., PMI-ACP, Amanda Anders, PMP, Nick Auge, PMP, Norma Bazan-Arias, Ph.D., PMP, Natalie Bolea, PMP, Justin Brooks, PMP, Joseph Cioletti, PMP, Paul Covaleski, PMP, Nicholas Currey, PMP, Courtney Durante, PMP, Tyrus Farrow Jr, PMP, Emily Glass, PMP, Cynthia Glowacki, PMP, John Helter, II, PMP, David Hurlburt, PMP, Robert Johnson, PMP, Abby Narasimhan, PMP, Layba Oulare, PMP, Timothy Parrish, PMP, Donald Prosser, PMP, Ali Reheim, PMP, Venus Scott, PMP, Michael Sivack, PMP, David Thompson, PMP, Kyle Tobias, PMP, Jodi Vasalani, PMP, Heather Woodfin, PMP

Congratulations, New Credential Holders!