PMI February Newsletter

Hi everyone,

I hope your 2019 has gotten off to an amazing start.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know you will all have a great Valentine’s Day because we will be spending it together; our chapter meeting is that night.  This chapter meeting is special. We won’t have red roses but we will have business analysts.  For the first time, we are partnering with International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) on an event.  We are very happy to welcome IIBA business analysts to PMI Pittsburgh!

This is just one of the many partnerships we are planning.  We are in process of partnering with Pittsburgh Technology Council, Red Chair Pittsburgh, and Women in Technology International (WITI), to name a few.

We are also building our sponsorship program.  This program has an amazing volunteer, Bruce Gay, who is kicking off 2019 with a bang. Thanks Bruce!  We are doing all of this so we can offer you more!  One new thing we are working on is a membership value page on our chapter website. We are working on some amazing discounts for you as part of your membership at PMI Pittsburgh.  So keep your eye on our website!

One last thing.  You all should have received an email from PMI titled: Feedback Needed - 2019 PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Satisfaction Survey.  Please take a few minutes and give us feedback.  We use this feedback to improve our chapter and we really want to hear from you.


Membership Update – 1853 Members!

Yes, we have done it again!   A new record for the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter membership! 

Welcome to our new members and thank you to our existing members who renewed their chapter memberships.  All of you are keeping the chapter viable and moving forward.  We appreciate your continued membership, and the energy that you bring to our chapter.

Yes, thank you, new members!  But the biggest thank you goes to the two-hundred and eighty-seven (287) members who renewed their chapter memberships over the past two months out of the three hundred forty-five (345) possible members whose memberships expired in December 2018 and January 2019. 

Thank you for voting with your checkbooks and debit cards that we, as a chapter, may be on the right path, providing the professional and personal value to your careers and project management profession! 

Welcome New Members:  December & January 2019

Welcome to the Following New Chapter Members – Last Sixty (60) Days

Kirk Baluh, Giselle Belkin, Morgan Block, Thomas Brandenburg, Cynthia Brown, Brian Byrge, Mary Crawford, Angelina Crosby-Pigott, Raymond Dackerman, Carol Danley, William Day, Chad Dobbins, Ashley Domachowski, Russell Dunyak, Charles Edeline, Brad Eiben, Scott Ferguson, Anne Fields, Heidi Fink, Monica Fletcher, Monique Fournier, Cierra Freeman, Katie Gielata, David Glaneman, Daniel Gonzalez, Leslie Hake, Dollissa Hayden, Susan Herald, Jason Hollandsworth, Shelley Hose, James Huber, John Iaconis, Nancy Jackson, Julie Johnson, Ashley Karam, Ben Kotys, Mary Anne Kurtz, Daniel Legler, Debbie Leicht, Luke Lofton, Anthony Mack, John Marroni, Vanessa McCarthy-Johnson, Sally Newcomer, Michael Newell, Margaret Palko, Jamie Pearce, William Robinson, Christopher Ryan, William Schneider, Michael Sendro, Scott Sieber, Len Singel, Tanisha Smith, Nicole Tarquinio, Lamont Taylor, Steven Thornton, Derek Vent, Brad Wade, Dora Walmsley, Richard Wendell, Emily Weyant, Thomas Whitney, Tristan Wimmer, Stephen Witmer, David Woodbury, Robert Zipf, Barb Zola

Member Credential Summary

as of December 2018
Credential Credential Count
PMP 1,220
PgMP 5
Total 1,326

Volunteer Updates

Volunteer Open House

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for the Chapter, but didn’t know what to do, which positions were open, or what the position and roles actually do? Well, then do we have an ‘Open House’ for you! Look for details in the coming weeks on the ‘Pittsburgh PMI Volunteering Open House’ to be scheduled in March or April, 2019!

Open Positions

The Pittsburgh Chapter is searching for volunteers ... find out more from the chapter website.

Changes are coming from VP-Membership

There are some changes coming for our chapter members which are being created and implemented by the current Member Services and Volunteer Services committees.  Here’s what you are going to see in the near future!

A Member Benefits page is coming to the org website. We will be listing ALL of the benefits that are available to ALL of our chapter members.  Benefits on-the-way, like:

  1. Discounted tuition to Waynesburg University, Robert Morris, and Chatham College
  2. Free webinars and training pod-casts from New Horizons Computing Learning Centers
  3. More to follow

John Sinclair, formerly of the Long Island Chapter of New York, is our new Director of Member Services.  John will be coordinating with Marketing to add the Member Benefits details within our website.  Look for these updates, coming this Spring!


Membership Roadmap Items for 2019

Here are a few ‘ideas’ that may get scoped & prioritized as ‘Membership’ deliverables for 2019:

  1. Membership Perks & Affinity Club Chair: Creating a position or adding clarity and structure to an existing position(s) within Membership to coordinate with Outreach & Finance; This position will find and promote the ‘perks’ of PMI Chapter Membership:
    • Discounted university tuition for classes and degrees
    • Discounted products & services
    • Promote our membership to our current and potential chapter sponsors
  2. PMI Market Place Chair: Promoting existing PMI Chapter membership benefits, as defined within PMI.org
    • Exam Discounts
    • PMBOK Guides
    • PMI Marketplace – Books, papers, templates at discounted prices
  3. Member Services Networking Chair: Scheduling Chapter Membership Networking events, working with Outreach to find fun, new locations to network
  4. Volunteering Open House Chair: Working with VP Membership to plan the ‘Volunteering Open House';
    • Working with all PMI Chapter departments to ‘org chart’ the different departments and responsibilities
    • Schedule speakers from these groups and departments to discuss the volunteer paths and responsibilities
    • Deliver successful ‘Open House’ in March or April, 2019

And, we are always looking for more ideas on how to improve the value of the PMI chapter membership.