Welcome to 2018! Happy New Year!

I am so very excited to support our chapter in the role of President in 2018.

First I want to start off by thanking our outgoing board members; Fred Koos outgoing President and Valerie Carpenter outgoing VP of Education and Certification. Both Fred and Valerie have supported our chapter in leadership roles for years and we are extremely grateful. Don’t worry Fred and Valerie are not going anywhere we will still call on them to be active members of our chapter.

Welcome to our newest board member Arijith Roy, VP of Education and Certification. Many of you already know Arijith from his work on both the communication team and the Education and Certification team.

What’s ahead in 2018?

The board held a strategy session in November and used much of the info we learned at the Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) which was help in Chicago in October. The board decided that we will focus on “drum roll please”. We want 2018 to be known as the year of Adaptive Delivery. As PMs we are often faced with changing practices, new methodologies and new approaches to improve delivery for our companies, our customers and our teams. This should also be true for ourselves. PMI Pittsburgh wants to adapt to help you be the best you can be in 2018 and beyond. To do that we will be adapting our delivery approach to the offerings we provide and offering some new things along the way.

The areas of focus for 2018 will be:

Building our volunteer base. We need to have more directors. This is all part of our succession planning efforts.

We want to target emerging professionals and we plan to “freshen up” our chapter by bringing in some new faces. So if you are new to PMI Pittsburgh please let us know what would entice you to attend some of our events.

We plan to hold several varied events in new venues. We want to try new things. At the LIM we learned that other chapters are holding events at local wineries and breweries to teach project management in those businesses. This is just one idea but I know with your help we will come up with some others that we can offer in 2018.

One of the opportunities we feel our chapter has is that we are geographical diverse. We have over 1700 members and we are spread all over the western portion of PA. That brings about challenges as well as opportunities. We feel that expanding our satellite offerings is in the plan for 2018.

Along with every PMI chapter we face one of the same challenges we lose a huge percent of members after their first year. We want to crack down on this and solve the problem for PMI. So we plan to target first year members where they are. This will probably include more virtual offerings: virtual chapter meetings, virtual training sessions, and virtual lessons or learned events, just to name a few ideas.

We also know that we have some challenges ahead and the one that we all felt needs to be tackled in 2018 is our use of technology tools. With all the virtual items we discussed above and our need to expand our satellite footprint, not to mention the need to expand our social media presence and our need to focus on technology. In 2018 we also plan to freshen up our website and for that we need resources to help on this team. Sandra Williams has just posted many open positions to our VRMS system and is looking for volunteers. Please check out the volunteer page on our site for all of our volunteer positions or contact any of our VPs to see what might be opening soon.

Also be on the lookout for new additions to the newsletter such as Guest Posts and Volunteer Spotlight.

I look forward to working with you and for you in 2018. Let’s make 2018 our best year yet!

Kimberly Reed

President, Pittsburgh PMI


Your Help is Needed!

The Pittsburgh PMI Chapter is looking for volunteers to fill current open opportunities within the group. Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer? Do you have an interest in helping as a Corporate Coordinator within Outreach? Have you wanted to help plan the ‘Professional Development Day (PDD)?

If so, we could use your help!

PMI Global has created the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) for our members to post or apply for volunteering opportunities within the Chapter. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding ALL of our volunteer opportunities to the VRMS system. You will be hearing more, as we encourage the chapter members to view and apply for these volunteer opportunities directly within the VRMS.

You can access this system from the PMI Global Site by logging in with your PMI credentials to View Opportunities and to Update your Volunteer Profile. Updating your profile will allow you to be notified automatically about volunteer opportunities that match your areas of interest.

Current Volunteer Opportunities – look for these and more on VRMS!

  • OUTREACH: College/University Liaisons, Corporate Coordinators, Event Staffing
  • EDUCATION: Professional Development Day Committee
  • VOLUNTEER: Volunteer Recognition Committee; Volunteer Services
  • MEMBERSHIP: Director, Chapter Analytics, Welcoming Committee,
  • COMMUNICATION: Chapter/Department Coordinators
  • and MORE!!!

Reasons to Volunteer

The Pittsburgh Chapter is transitioning to a single-threaded process of matching the needs & wants of the Chapter & members within the VRMS. We need over one hundred twenty (120+) volunteers each year to keep the Chapter moving forward. The success of the chapter, and its departments & committees, depends on our member-volunteers to do the upfront and behind the scenes work to bring our events, meetings, and community good-will to fruition.

And we need you to make this all happen! So, what’s in for you?

  1. The opportunity to make a real difference within the Chapter:
    • Improve the new member welcoming process
    • Map out the volunteer career paths
    • Become a mentor to a high school or college student thinking about a career in project management

2. Be the face of the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter:

    • Chapter Meeting Greeter - Registration Desk
    • Welcome new members into the Chapter just like you wanted to be greeted & welcomed when you joined!
    • Gain personal and professional growth by sharing your time & talents while giving back to the chapter.

Earn PDUs - You earn 1 PDU for each hour of volunteer service (up to 45 max per cycle)

To view more details about our current volunteer opportunities and apply, please visit PMI's volunteer management system or contact us at vp_membership@pittsburghPMI.org if you are interested in volunteering!


New Chapter Members

As of January 7, 2018 the chapter has 1,738 members. Please join us in welcoming the following new chapter members since the last newsletter: Adejuwon Anjoorin, Christopher Arrabito, Raghu Avali, Justin Brooks, Haritha Chennamsetty, Marilyn Croyle, Timothy Elmore, Jason Fronczek, Emily Glass, Sudhanshu Goel, Chris Gowdy, Todd Griffith, Karen Haefner, Rick Hampton, Tara Hardsock, Patrick Kelly, Todd Kettering, Matt Kiliany, Kathleen Lorince-Sharrow, Philip Mcg, Melissa McKenzie, Eric Morgan, Stephanie Pedersen, Quentin Portis, Elizabeth Prada, James Raschke, Jeffrey VanHorn, Carol Verbick, Meredith Whitney, Alan Whittington, Dana Woodbury, Matthew Wright, John Zak

New Chapter Credentials

As of December 3, 2017 the chapter has 1,275 credentials in the membership (PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-ACP®, PGMP®).  Please join us in congratulating the following new chapter members that received a new credential since the last newsletter:  Karen Ashby PMP ®, Daniel Beahm PMI-ACP ®, Richard Browning PMI-ACP ®, Lauren Dahl PMP ®, Jason Fronczek PMP ®, Matthew Hershey CAPM ®, Daniel Francis Hunt PMP ®, Patrick Kahle PMP ®, Jennifer Luhmann PMP ®, Maria Matchett PMP ®, Timothy Sokolak PMP ®, Jessica Tanaka PMP ®, Dana Woodbury PMP ®