Welcome to 2019! We want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. As you know, we just held our elections for our 2019 Board of Directors. I want to thank the outgoing Board members: Kathy Lawson has been the VP of Programs and helped us to launch our first satellite locations. We are grateful for all of Kathy’s hard work over the last 4 years. Our first VP of Governance, Dan Polaski, helped us to finally pass bylaws that were extremely out of date. Finally, I want to thank Fred Koos who is ending his term as past-president. Fred has served PMI Pittsburgh for many years and he helped us to run our elections this year. Thanks so much Kathy, Dan, and Fred.

We have two members rejoining the Board after some time away. Valerie Carpenter is the new VP of Programs and has jumped in with both feet. She previously served as VP Education and we are very happy to have Valerie back. We are also happy to have Heidi Pastirik rejoining as the new VP of Governance. Heidi was previously the VP of Outreach, a role that was new to the chapter at that time.

Sandra, Randy, and Paul will also remain on the Board as they continue in their prior positions.

The entire Board is ready to kick off 2019 with a bang and we need your help. I want to share our vision and mission statements with you.

  • Mission: PMI Pittsburgh Chapter provides a dynamic environment for professionals and the community to grow, through proven project related knowledge and application of change. 
  • Vision: Be the go-to organization in our region for project leadership expertise. Build a strong community by energizing and inspiring people to drive value in all projects.

Please reach out to any of us to become an active participant on this journey.


Membership Update – 1813 Members!

We did it, again! A new record for the PITTSBURGH CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP.

“Welcome!” to our NEW MEMBERS and “Thank You!” to our members who renewed. All of you keep the chapter viable and moving forward. We appreciate your continued membership, and for the energy you bring to our chapter.

Welcome to the following New Chapter Members:

Cathleen Ballard, Thomas Brandenburg, Mary Crawford, Angelina Crosby-Pigott, Chad Dobbins, Russell Dunyak, Charles Edeline, Monica Fletcher, Julie Johnson, Mary Anne Kurtz, Christopher Ryan, William Schneider, Michael Sendro, Len Singel, Steven Thornton, Emily Weyant, David Woodbury, Robert Zipf

Congratulations New Credential Holders:

Susan Brennan, PMP, James Flory, PMP, Dave Sarcopski, CAPM,

John Sereno, CAPM, Chad Wolfe, PMP, Anthony Zabiegalski, PMP

Member Credential Summary

as of December 2018
Credential Credential Count
PMP 1,209
PgMP 5
Total 1,315

Volunteer Updates

Volunteer Open House

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for the Chapter, but didn’t know what to do, which positions were open, or what the position and roles actually do? Well, then do we have an ‘Open House’ for you! Look for details in the coming weeks on the ‘Pittsburgh PMI Volunteering Open House’ to be scheduled in March or April, 2019!

Open Positions

The Pittsburgh Chapter is searching for volunteers ... find out more from the chapter website.

Membership Roadmap Items for 2019

Here are a few ‘ideas’ that may get scoped & prioritized as ‘Membership’ deliverables for 2019:

  1. Membership Perks & Affinity Club Chair: Creating a position or adding clarity and structure to an existing position(s) within Membership to coordinate with Outreach & Finance; This position will find and promote the ‘perks’ of PMI Chapter Membership:
    • Discounted university tuition for classes and degrees
    • Discounted products & services
    • Promote our membership to our current and potential chapter sponsors
  2. PMI Market Place Chair: Promoting existing PMI Chapter membership benefits, as defined within PMI.org
    • Exam Discounts
    • PMBOK Guides
    • PMI Marketplace – Books, papers, templates at discounted prices
  3. Member Services Networking Chair: Scheduling Chapter Membership Networking events, working with Outreach to find fun, new locations to network
  4. Volunteering Open House Chair: Working with VP Membership to plan the ‘Volunteering Open House';
    • Working with all PMI Chapter departments to ‘org chart’ the different departments and responsibilities
    • Schedule speakers from these groups and departments to discuss the volunteer paths and responsibilities
    • Deliver successful ‘Open House’ in March or April, 2019

And, we are always looking for more ideas on how to improve the value of the PMI chapter membership.