JUNE 2018


Hello Everyone.  I cannot believe we will soon be taking our summer break for 2018.  These 6 months have gone by very quickly for me.  We have made some changes to our chapter over the last 6 months and we will be making more in the next 6 months; all things we hope help to improve your experience as a PMI Pittsburgh Chapter member.  

This month I presented at the PMI Region 4 leadership meeting on the topic of hosting our chapter meeting via WebEx.  This is something that hasn’t been done before in any chapter.  PMI Pittsburgh was first!  Many of the chapters in our region want to partner with us to offer more programing via WebEx. 

Of course, all of this comes at a cost.  As discussed before we will begin charging $10.00 for our chapter meetings in the fall.  This is substantially lower than other chapters in our region, with an average charge of $45.00 per meeting!  I know change can be hard and this was not an easy decision, but I do believe it is necessary. 

Now I want to introduce you to Dan Polaski, VP of Governance and Policy.

VP Spotlight

Hello!  My name is Dan Polaski and I have over 25 years of Project and Program Management experience. My experience spans many vertical markets and many disciplines in both the Public and Private sectors. I have been a Project and Program Manager/Director for many companies in the United States and overseas. I am a Management Consultant and the Program Director at IDI Consulting, LLC; of which I am a Co-Founder. I am a certified PMP, and am a graduate of Robert Morris University, I am currently the VP of Governance and Policy on the Board of Directors in the Pittsburgh Chapter. I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I currently live in Jefferson Hills with my wife of 43 years.

We have been working on a new set of Bylaws for several months. Normally, we would highlight the changes from the previous Bylaws. Unfortunately, the previous Bylaws are too old to just highlight changes. In this case, the Bylaws should be reviewed in their entirety. 

The process for member ratification is as follows:

The proposed Bylaws will be posted to the Pittsburgh Chapter website and members will be notified to review the newly proposed bylaws from the website on Monday, 11-Jun.  The Bylaws will be available on the website for review and comment for 45 days. 

The September Chapter meeting will be our annual “State of the Chapter” meeting. A vote will be taken at that meeting by all members present to ratify the Bylaws. If approved, the Bylaws will take effect immediately.


The elections for PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Board members will be held in the Fall.  All who are interested in being a candidate or nominating another person please contact the Director of Nominations and Elections at FredBKoos@IEEE.org.

The positions planned to be up for election follow:

  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Programs
  • VP of Outreach
  • VP of Administration and Board Secretary
  • VP of Governance & Policy

All members, we encourage you to actively vote when these elections are held.

Thank you in advance!


Hello!   This is Lou Martina, Vice President of Volunteers & Membership.  Here is my Membership report for MAY-2018

As of June 3, 2018:  

APR Member Totals = 1769

MAY ‘At Risk':  - 124 (Up for Renewal in MAY-2018)
MAY New Members: +42 (New)
MAY Renewals: +78 (Renewals)
MAY Guest Passes: + 0 (Guest Passes)

MAY Member Totals = 1764

MAY Retention = (78/124) = 62.3.7%

Expired = -50

New Chapter Members for May-2018:

Heba Ali, Christopher Ambrose, Donald Andersen, Jared Andree, Manoj Kumar Bangaru, Pranay Belkhode, Lindsey Bodner, Keri Broeren, Keith Busmente, Tim Carney, Sarah Carruthers, Ian Cartwright, Vincent Colaizzi, Chase Davis, Jacqueline Dawson, Renee Eddy, Laura Evantz, Kelly Fahey, Renee Gillpatrick, Nasser Haghtalab, Aleta Heard, Jonathan Keller, Christopher Lamia, Patricia Lee, Tina  Madison, Daniel Manius, Julie Martin, Marcy McCreery, Lindsay Menas, Nicholas Naum, Jennifer Ozdinec, Tejas pawar, Paul Preddy, Leah Salter, Timothy Shannon, Michael Shirilla, Nicole Slomer, Pamela Weller, Michael Wilcox, Anthony Zabiegalski.

Welcome to the Chapter!

Please take a moment to welcome our new chapter members when they attend an upcoming meeting or event in Johnstown, State College, or Pittsburgh.   Remember, we were ALL new members at one time!  

New PMI Credential Holders for May-2018:

David Begis, PMP, Keith Busmente, CAPM, Christopher Lamia, PMP, Jillian  Lusk, PMP, Louis Martina, PMI-ACP, Marla Taylor-Kuntz, CAPM.

Congratulations, New Credential Holders!   

Volunteering Updates:  

Volunteer Recognition Night will be October 11, 2018

You must have an active VRMS profile to receive your Volunteer Recognition Gift! 

The Pittsburgh PMI Chapter will be celebrating our Volunteers on October 11, 2018.  And, in order to qualify for your recognition gift, you MUST have an active VRMS profile and be associated to a current volunteer opportunity (Role) within the VRMS system.  No exceptions.

I have asked our Department Vice Presidents, Directors, and Team Leads to provide a list of their active volunteers and associated/ assigned roles within their departments and teams.   These lists  need to be delivered to Lou Martina by June 30, 2018! 

[No Member Name + No VRMS Role] = No Recognition Award! 

The Volunteer & Membership Team will be updating the VRMS system to ensure that all approved volunteers have been assigned a role within the VRMS system.  I will publish a list of our ‘approved’ volunteers, as well as posting this information to the Chapter for our meetings in September.  These VRMS requirements will apply to Johnstown, State College, as well as the Pittsburgh chapter members. 

Please send me an email if you have any questions.  I can be reached at:


Have a Great Summer!


Louis Martina, PMP, PMI-ACP