What a busy October we have had at PMI Pittsburgh! The board attended the Leadership Institute Meeting in Los Angeles (I know it’s a tough job but someone had to do it). As always we came back with a bunch of new ideas which we will formulate into our 2019 plan. We also had the opportunity to spend time with one of our founding chapter members and PMI Fellow, Fred Arnold. It is amazing to hear the history of the chapter and to talk about where we want PMI Pittsburgh to go in the future.

I also had the great fortune to speak to two groups of emerging professional this month. I cannot tell you how excited I was to speak to our attendees along with a panel of my colleagues. I have to thank the team for pulling off these events: Paul Halenda, Domenic Barnabei, Shuning Huang, Sam Provil, and Lee Guo. I am really hoping we can make this type of event a regular occurrence. It was wonderful to have a great mix of students (grad and undergrad), new chapter members, and long standing members together to discuss careers in project management.

Kimberly Reed

President, Pittsburgh PMI


Board of Director Elections

The elections for PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Board of Directors are planned to start on November 6th, 2018.

  • The positions up for election for the 2019-2020 term follow:

    VP of Marketing - Responsible for Marketing and Public Relations. The VP of Marketing shall be responsible for developing marketing, corporate relations and communication programs in accordance with chapter Bylaws and Policies.
  • VP of Programs - Responsible for managing all efforts related to the delivery of professional and educational programs by competent speakers, and ensuring all necessary arrangements are made for the monthly Chapter meetings.
  • VP of Outreach - Responsible for facilitating activities outside the customary functions of the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter, interacting with community, corporate and academic organizations, in accordance with Chapter Bylaws, and Policies.
  • VP Administration and Board Secretary - Responsible for preparing, maintaining, recording, circulating all records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of the chapter, in accordance with Chapter Bylaws, and Policies.
  • VP of Governance & Policy - Responsible for addressing governance and policy issues, including ensuring the maintenance and enforcement of Chapter Bylaws and Policies.

Key Dates and actions:

  • Starting Tuesday, November 6th, 2018: Elections start online. PMI Pittsburgh Chapter members will receive information via email as well as on our website.
  • January 1st 2019: New board members start.

All members, we encourage you to actively vote when these elections are held.

Thank you in advance!


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – Thank you, Everyone.!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and guests who attended the 2018 Volunteer Appreciation event. There were forty-seven (47) volunteers at the event and eighty-one (81) chapter members in total, who attended the chapter meeting that evening

All verified volunteers who did not receive or claim their gift have until December’s Chapter Meeting to do so. Volunteers within the Johnstown and Mid-State) satellites should contact your group coordinators. We will be shipping these gifts to you, soon (By 11/16/18)

Open Positions

The Pittsburgh Chapter is searching for volunteers to fill the following positions (click on the volunteer opportunity that you are interested in below to be taken to the VRMS - Opportunity page for more details and/or to apply):

Local Interest Groups (LIGs) – 4 Open positions, 8 Volunteers needed

Agile Local Interest Group (LIG) Volunteer (1-2 volunteers), Healthcare LIG Volunteer (1-2 volunteers), Construction LIG Volunteer (1-2 volunteers), Business Analysis LIG Volunteer (1-2 volunteers)

Membership – 4 Volunteers needed

Monthly Meeting Coordinator Volunteer (3-4 volunteers)

Outreach – 11 Positions and 22 Volunteers needed

Relationship Manager (3 volunteers), Outreach Events Manager (3 volunteers) , Outreach Events Coordinator (3 volunteers), Outreach Advisor (1 volunteer), Director of Professional Outreach (1 volunteer), Director of Outreach Events (1 volunteer), Director of Corporate Outreach (1 volunteer), Director of Community Outreach (1 volunteer), Academic Outreach Advisor (6 volunteers), Outreach Team Admin (1 volunteer), Outreach Events Manager (4 volunteers)

Please reach out to ‘’ if you are interested in volunteering for any of the above positions..

Reasons to Volunteer

We need approximately one hundred twenty (120+) volunteers each year to keep the Chapter moving forward. The success of the chapter, and its departments & committees, depends on our member-volunteers to do the upfront and behind the scenes work to bring our events, meetings, and community good-will to reality.

And we need you to make this all happen! So, what’s in for you?

  1. The opportunity to make a real difference within the Chapter:
    • improve the new member welcoming process
    • map out the volunteer career paths
    • become a mentor to a high school or college student thinking about a career in project management
  2. Be the face of the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter:
    • Chapter Meeting Greeter - Registration Desk
    • Welcome new members into the Chapter just like you wanted to be greeted & welcomed when you joined!
    • Gain personal and professional growth by sharing your time & talents while giving back to the chapter.

* Earn PDUs -You earn PDUs, up to a limit for each hour of volunteer service (see for details

To view more details about our current volunteer opportunities and to apply for one of these opportunities, please contact us at

OCT 2018 Membership Update – 1795 Members – New Record!

“Thank You!” to all of our NEW and RENEWAL members who keep the chapter viable and moving forward. We appreciate your continued membership, and the feedback provided to keep our efforts focused on maximizing chapter member value. Here are some recent chapter analytics that you might find interesting:

Metric  Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18
Current chapter members 1777 1784 1780
Delta from previous month 3 7 -4
Delta percent from previous month 0.2% 0.4% -0.2%
New members 25 27 28
Members expiring within 30 days 136 131 124
Members expiring within 60 days 269 260 238
# current members who were members 1 year ago 1229 1256 1258
Member retention % of members from 1 year ago 70.2% 71.6% 72.1%
Member retention % from previous month 30 day at-risk 88.7% 76.5% 77.9%
Member retention % from previous month 60 day at-risk 40.7% 38.7% 39.2%
Renewals of current members 110 104 102
Renewals of lapsed members 5 5 8
Expired members 27 25 40

Welcome New Members: October 2018

Augustine Addae-Mensah, Sonya Barber, Ken Barrett, Sara Bitner, Mark Brado, Stacy Brecht, Matthew Cario, Gino Catone, Josh Clemente, Matthew Dean, David Donovan, Amelia Eggan, Justin Fischgrund, James Flory, Julie Glick, Jennifer Grabowski, Lisa Grecco Pavlik, James Hayes, Elizabeth Heft, Kacy Kelly, Ross Kressel, Jay Kumar, Adrienne Kurtanich, Wendy McDonald, Charles Newara, Mohan Puri, Karen Ann Rizzo, Abby Rodgers, Monica Seger, Fred M Sosiah, Jessica Stanley, Christy Todaro, Dan Yerina

Congratulations New Credentials – October 2018

Christopher Ambrose, PMP, David Anderson, PMP, Kristin Behm, PMP, Lori Dangel, PMI-ACP, Eric Evans, PMP, Carl Fox Jr., CAPM, Heidi Nyman, PMP, Tejas Pawar, PMP, Pamela Riddle, PMP, Vincent Yungwirth, CAPM

Member Credential Count Summary October 2018
Credential Credential Count
PMP 1,209
PgMP 5
Total 1,316