Trick or Treat! At PMI Pittsburgh we only have treats for you this month. We have been very busy preparing for our PDD, many outreach events, and our volunteer appreciation dinner, just to name a few. One item that we worked on this year that will impact all volunteers is our updated website. You will notice there are more pictures on our site and we really want to focus on you the member and volunteer on our site. If you have any pictures you would like to share with us please send them along. We will be happy to add them to our website. This website refresh and all of the items I have listed above wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers. We are taking our October chapter meeting to say THANK YOU! PMI is run by volunteers and is the largest volunteer organization in the world. We at PMI Pittsburgh are just a small part of that but it is still awe inspiring to think how much we do because we all believe in supporting our profession.

The leadership team will also be attending the Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) this month. We always come home with many new ideas. The biggest issue we have is trying to narrow down what we will do. The time we spend at the LIM will be dedicated to how to improve our chapter for you and we cannot wait to share what 2019 will hold.


Company Coordinators

Your PMI chapter wants to increase the value to the companies that sponsor our members. Part of that effort is to help identify how we can best add value within member companies and raise member awareness of educational opportunities. To meet that objective, the position of Company Coordinator serves as a key volunteer for our member companies. This entails a minor commitment and offers PDU’s for participation.

If you are interested please send your name, company, and contact info to dir_outreach_corp@pittsburghpmi.org for more information. We look forward to partnering with you. Rich Browning

Director of Outreach Operations

  • Deliverables:  Monthly Agenda, Action Items, Meeting Minutes, Org Chart, Outreach Team Contact List, Attendance at all Outreach Team Meetings which occur 1st Thursday of each month
  • Duties:  Assist VP of Outreach with developing agenda of monthly Outreach Team meetings, capture and publish meeting minutes of monthly Outreach teams meetings, maintain Outreach Team Contact List and Org Chart and perform other administrative duties for the Outreach team as assigned.
  • Interested – Please contact VP of Outreach at paul.Halenda@pittsburghpmi.org


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – Thursday, 10/11/18 (5:45p – 6:45p)

The annual ‘Greater Pittsburgh Volunteer Appreciation Dinner’ will be held prior to the regular Chapter Meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2018. Our active volunteers will receive an email invitation for the recognition dinner which will be held upstairs, prior to the regular portion of the chapter meeting. Our regular buffet dinner will be set up, downstairs for the enjoyment of our social members.

No registered members will be turned away from the regular dinner. However, we ask that all verified volunteers be registered for the October Chapter Meeting by Tuesday evening, 10/09/18, so that we can get an accurate count of attendees for catering and appreciation awards.

Johnstown & Mid-State Satellite Awards

We ask that all of our Johnstown & Mid-State volunteers register for their chapter meetings in their ‘home’ areas as you normally do. For those of you outside of the Pittsburgh and Gibsonia communities, I will be sending your appreciation awards to your satellite directors in Johnstown and Mid-State (State College) in early October.

Current Volunteer Opportunities – more information on volunteer opportunities to follow!

  • OUTREACH: College/University Liaisons, Corporate Coordinators, Event Staffing (Existing)
  • EDUCATION: Professional Development Day – Event Volunteer; PMP & ACP Pep Class Committees (Existing)
  • MEMBERSHIP - VOLUNTEER: Volunteer Recognition Committee 2019 (New)
  • MEMBERSHIP - VOLUNTEER: Director, Volunteer Services 2019 (Existing)
  • MEMBERSHIP: Welcoming Committee; Chapter Hosts (Existing)
  • COMMUNICATION: Chapter/Department Coordinators
  • and MORE!!!

Please reach out to ‘vp_membership@pittsburghpmi.org’ if you are interested in volunteering.

Reasons to Volunteer

The Pittsburgh Chapter is transitioning to a single-threaded process of matching the needs & wants of the Chapter & members within a new spreadsheet-based VRTS tracking System We need approximately one hundred twenty (120+) volunteers each year to keep the Chapter moving forward. The success of the chapter, and its departments & committees, depends on our member-volunteers to do the upfront and behind the scenes work to bring our events, meetings, and community good-will to reality.

And we need you to make this all happen! So, what’s in for you?

  1. The opportunity to make a real difference within the Chapter:
    1. improve the new member welcoming process
    2. map out the volunteer career paths
    3. become a mentor to a high school or college student thinking about a career in project management
  2. Be the face of the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter:
    1. Chapter Meeting Greeter - Registration Desk
    2. Welcome new members into the Chapter just like you wanted to be greeted & welcomed when you joined!
    3. Gain personal and professional growth by sharing your time & talents while giving back to the chapter.
  • Earn PDUs -You earn PDUs, up to a limit for each hour of volunteer service (see PMI.org for details

To view more details about our current volunteer opportunities and to apply for one of these opportunities, please contact us at vp_membership@pittsburghPMI.org if you are interested in volunteering!

Membership Update – 1778 Members

The chapter maintained its near-record membership levels into the fall. From a previous chapter high of 1784 members in August, there were 17789 members in September, 2018. Excellent!

“Thank You!” to all of our NEW and RENEWAL members who keep the chapter viable and moving forward. We appreciate your continued membership, and for the feedback that you have provided to me this year to keep our efforts focused on maximizing Chapter Member value.

You returning members may have noticed a change in the “look & feel” of our meetings and gatherings. There are more events, in different locations around the Greater Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and State College areas. Chapter Meetings can now be attended via WebEx!

We will continue to work with our Programs and Outreach Committees to add value to your memberships.

Welcome New Members: September 2018

S John Abraham, Priyang Anandarajan, Nicole Brandt, Steven Cornell, Scott Cowburn, Eric Evans, Karl Gibson, Sarah Gorham, Robert Hester, Douglas Holt, Ashish Kumar, Paul Kupersmith, Carlos S Lopez Rodriguez, Ashlee Lynn Miller, Rachel Mulvaney, Manasa Pallapolu, Brad Pastor, Xianghui Peng, Natalie Ranft, Adrianne Renberg, Jayesh Selokar, Vincent Stunja, Andres Viduya,

Congratulations New Credentials – September 2018

David Anderson, PMP, Eric Evans, PMP, Pamela Riddle, PMP