As we embark on the fall of 2019 at PMI Pittsburgh, we think of this as a new beginning. We start our chapter meetings again, elect our new board members, and put the final touches on the end of our 2019 programming.

I am writing this from my hotel room in Philadelphia. Many of our board members are here, attending the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting. This event brings together chapter leaders from across North America to share ideas and learn new technics to strengthen our chapter. We always leave this meeting with a renewed sense of excitement. This year is no different as we join in the celebration of PMI's 50th Anniversary. Also, PMI has a new president. We are excited to get a few minutes of his time. I will be sharing pictures from our trip on LinkedIn. Here is a picture from Philly’s Airport. That’s our own Dan Polaski.


Please keep your eyes open for our upcoming events. We have the PDD, exciting chapter and Local Interest Groups (LIG) meetings, and a new website in the works. See you soon.


Project of the Year Awards 2019

The PMI Pittsburgh Chapter is bringing back 'Project of the Year' after several years of absense. This competition will challenge organizations across the region to create and submit their best entries.

If your project is one where both the team and the organization can attribute their overall success to an effective integration of the PMI Methodology, then your project is eligible for this prestigious award. This is your opportunity to publicly recognize and honor the accomplishments of your team, your project and your company. 

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: October 11, 2019.

Finalists notified: October 31, 2019.

Award Presentation: November 14, 2019.

New Horizons Sponsored Professional Development Scholarship for Pittsburgh PMI Chapter Members

The Outreach Committee has partnered with New Horizons Computer Learning Center to establish two Professional Development scholarships for the Pittsburgh chapter members. Both scholarships are valued at $2975.

Scholarship 1: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Preparation course for the members who want to obtain their PMP certification.

Scholarship 2: For the members who have achieved their PMP certification, the scholarship will allow the members to take courses to obtain PDU for maintaining the PMP credentials. The scholarship will provide the recipient up to $2975 as a voucher to take any of the New Horizons courses offered.

Any Pittsburgh PMI chapter member is eligible to apply to either scholarship. Applicants will apply on Pittsburgh chapter website. Link for the scholarships and Application.

For additional information, click here.


Deadline: 10/31/2019

Announcement of winner: 12/12/19 during December chapter meeting


New Members 

We have 1820 current chapter members.  Welcome to our new members who joined over the Summer 2019: 

Alavi Aboosally, Farah al Zubaidi, Regina Alvarado, Francisco Alvarez, Ala Aqra, Scott Beaver, Krystin Benkowski, Kenneth Boben, Jeffery Braid, Susan Burke, Megan Burns, Christine Marie Camacho, Gretchen Ciocco, Clinton Coggins, Amy Costner, Tanay Das, Donna Desiderio, Sandra Douglas, Christina Drum, Gerald Dull, Amy Eckman, Alyson Fearon, Lori Fox, Roger Francis, Curtis Garmen, Joshua Gerlick, Russ Godek, Natasha Gorski, Clarisa Grant, Deborah Grizzanti, Kevin Groth, Matthew Gruss, Robert Herring, Jeffery Heupp, Michele Honko, Amanda Horton, Anna Hughes, Dileep Jain, Ryan Johnson, Ernest Kampetis, Barry King, Jesse Kuhn, Wenzhao Lan, Brandon Ledford, Donald Lewis, Krista Loper, Frank Lordi, Anthony Lozzi, Rachael Lucas, Robert MarrisonBranron MasethKazoza Mazzuki, John McCracken, Melissa McGrane-Contreras, Melina Mermigas, Chihiro Mizuhara, Heather Murphy, Adam Osterrieder, Christine Prosser, Vinod Punjabi, Heather Radzanowski, Aparna Ranganathan, Mark Render, Deanna Reynolds, Jeremiah Richardson, James Rockovich, Sheila Rosenthal, Christopher Ruch, Tammy Rynd, James Sankovich, Diego Santos, Isaac Schiffman, Casten Shimko, Sarah  Snyder, Michael Terwilliger, Jill TriulziLanxuan Wei, Jia Yu, Jon Zalenski, John Zook 

New Credentials 

We have 1339 PMI Credentials within our chapter membership.  Congratulations to our new credential holders who have recently passed and completed their certifications over the Summer 2019:  

Farah al Zubaidi,PMP, Ephraim Atari,PMI-RMP, Haritha Chennamsetty,PMP, Anthony DeStefano,PMP, Kevin Hall,PMP, Mark Hoffmann,PMI-ACP, Jeff Holbrook,PMP, Gwyndolyn Johnson,PMP, Ryan Johnson,PMP, Ashley Karam,PMP, Jim Knapp,PMP, Jesse Kuhn,PMP, David Marchese,PMP, Julie Michael,PMP, Christine Prosser,PMP, Erik Rueter,PMI-ACP, Edmund Sam-Gyandoh,PMP, Kevin Smith,PMP, Mark Van Horn,PMP, Keith Williams,PMP,

Chapter Credentials:

Member Credential Count Summary October 2018
Credential Credential Count
PMP 1,229
PgMP 5
Total 1,339

2019 Volunteer Appreciation Day 

PMI Pittsburgh Volunteer Appreciation Day is Wednesday, October 23, 2019. 

We will be holding our volunteer appreciation day this year on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.   Unlike last year's experiment, this year's volunteer recognition festivities will be celebrated as its OWN event at ‘Roland’s Seafood Grill’ in the Pittsburgh Strip District.   An event notice and registration code will be sent out “soon”!    

I will be working with Valerie Carpenter to coordinate similar activities within our satellites in Gibsonia, Johnstown, Southpointe, and State Collegeas time permits. But first, let me give you a quick review of what has been going on within the Membership Team over the Summer!  

What's Happening within Membership & Volunteers 

PMI Mentor Program:  We are in the process of planning a PMI Mentor Program workshop as a LIG-type meeting prior to an upcoming chapter meeting.   All those interested in being a Mentor or Mentee are encouraged to participate in this exciting new offering within the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter. 

The 2019 Volunteer Job Fair was a Success!   We hosted the 'Volunteer Job Fair' in August at Roland's in the Strip.  Over sixty new and potential chapter members joined us for an evening of networking and sharing amongst our chapter departments and organizations.  Topics included: 

  • What Does Your Team/Department do? 
  • What roles are within your group? 
  • How much time does each role take (per month)? 
  • Which roles or opportunities are available & how do we sign up? 
  • =>  Go to Signup.com if you are interested in seeing which roles are currently available: 
  • Signup for "PMI Pittsburgh Volunteers" - Click here now:  https://signup.com/go/TXHbukB 

Volunteers of the Year Awards for 2018-19.    

It is with great pride & pleasure that I announce the recipients of the 'PMI Pittsburgh Chapter - Volunteers of the Year' for 2019!   This year’s recipients are: 

Bruce Gay, III - Finance:  Sponsors & Strategic Sponsors

Bruce is a Sr. Program Manager for UPMC Enterprises.  He currently manages large-scale programs that include both technical and business change with the aim of improving organizational performance. Over the past decade, he has managed product teams that incorporated UX Design and Design Thinking methodologies into their product development processes. 

In early 2018, Bruce took on the role of working with Joanne Sarachine, VP Finance, to chair the ‘Chapter Sponsors’ program and has been successful in engaging, retaining, and expanding our current list of chapter sponsors which now include:  IDI Consulting, New Horizons Learning Centers, Project Brilliant, Vaco, and Waynesburg University.    

Bruce is an active promoter of project management concepts and the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter, but he has also become a frequent speaker and presenter of project management topics and solutions on the ‘PMI Circuit’.  Thank you for your efforts to engage our sponsor partners, Bruce! 

Lee Guo - Outreach: Academic Outreach & Scholarship Chairperson

Lee is a Project Manager at UPMC – PMO, since May 2018.  Prior to that, he worked at Westinghouse Electric Company for 9 years. It was there that he become very involved with the Pittsburgh Chapter.  He received his PMP certification in June 2013 and became the Westinghouse ‘Company Coordinator’ within ‘Outreach’ in August of the same year.  Lee assumed responsibility for the ‘Lessons Learned Round Table’ in March 2014 and expanded this to a bi-annual event in 2015.   

In 2018, working with PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF), Lee established the Pittsburgh Chapter Academic Scholarships for college students in February 2019 - - and will continue to oversee the academic scholarships.   In addition, he has established two (2) Professional Development Scholarships for our current chapter members.   Thank you, Lee, for your vision, drive, and that relentless ‘smile’. 

Greg Polens - Programs: Johnstown Director

Greg began his professional career in Raleigh, NC, as a 3D artist/animator for the gaming industry.  The first ‘Scrabble PC’ Game - 1996 was his most popular work. He moved to Johnstown, developing eLearning for the DoD as a Graphic Designer, Software Developer.  He was promoted upwards to manage their more complex simulation contracts.  At a crossroads, he decided to make a life for himself and his family in Johnstown outside of project management.  Greg became a P&C agent for Trent Insurance, writing policies for Erie Insurance Co. 

In 2014, Greg joined the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter.  Soon after, he earned his PMP utilizing the PMI Prep Study Group.  Later, he volunteered to chair the ‘Lesson Learned’ meetings.  Greg’s biggest contribution has been as a founding member and Program Director for the Johnstown Satellite – the FIRST satellite within the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter.  

Greg wishes to thank his core ‘J-Town Team’, without whom none of this would have been sustainable.  Now, with strong, supportive base at “The Boulevard Grill”, they have been able to offer engaging meetings, offering two (2) PDUs for their current members, and always have a Live presenter prior to the streaming broadcast from Pittsburgh.  

As Greg writes, “I am very proud of what we have started (here in Johnstown).  I am honored to be recognized by the Pittsburgh PMI Chapter. So, this year, I pass the torch to Heather Moyer.  I am excited to witness her as Director of the Johnstown Satellite.  And as a closing note, if you never want to have worry about getting or obtaining your required PDUs... then just volunteer. If you have an idea for a presentation, I encourage you to contact Heather (Moyer); perhaps she can schedule you as one of our local presentation for a future meeting or event in Johnstown!” 

Joyce Hulings - Marketing:  Communications Director

Joyce has been a project manager for the past 25 years, working in the manufacturing, education, and healthcare industries.  In 2005 she obtained her PMP and obtained the PMI-ACP credential in 2017.  Joyce began volunteering as part of the membership committee for the Rochester NY PMI chapter, where she helped to orchestrate three (3) ‘Professional Development Day (PDD)’ events.   

Since moving to Pittsburgh, Joyce has been a ‘keystone’ volunteer for the chapter for over four years, working with Marketing and Communications committee on the website and on event registration duties. What ‘stands out’ has been Joyce’s tireless energy & optimism, willing to step-in, help-out, and in some cases, take over to get critical tasks completed and to meet our event and website deadlines.   Thank you, Joyce!  

Note:  We are recognizing these four outstanding volunteers this year because we have not awarded these recognitions for several years, now.  And, each of the above recipients would have been a worthy choice in any of the previous years.  Next year, 2020, we will go back to a single award ‘VOY’ recipient.

Volunteer Recognition  Wednesday, OCT 23, 2019.    

The volunteer recognition dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, October 23.  [Roland’s Seafood Grill] 

And this year, the award items are going to be distributed by 'TIERS'.  We appreciate the work that EVERYONE does, and some of our volunteers have taken it upon themselves to do a little/ or LOT more than others - - and have been doing so for a long time!  

This year, the Board felt that it was fair to recognize those extra effort performers in a manner that was inclusive and reasonable for the time & effort made by all of our volunteers over the past year.  The VPs & Directors have rated our efforts on a Fibonacci scale; the volunteer recognition will be based on these assessments.  Note:   I will be shipping ou'swag bags' to the Johnstown & State College Program Directors as soon as possible.  And I will do my best to get these items out to you by 10/21/19!  

Member Paid Shipping:  If you cannot attend any of the volunteer appreciation event(s) in October you can pre-pay* for shipping via USPS to your primary address.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping – Continental US Only. 

Do you have questions about the Volunteer Recognition Program? Want to know how you can sign up to volunteer in 2019-20? 

*Contact Louis Martina, PMP, PMI-ACP - VP_Membership@pittsburghpmi.org