Dear fellow PMI Members and colleagues:

We hope you have been having a great summer!  Our Chapter’s networking event on August 5th at the Pirate’s game was a success!

We have a series of great events coming up as shown below, register now!

Other upcoming events include:

  • September 12th:  Mid-State Satellite Meeting in State College, PA with a town hall style presentation and Q&A of PMI support in Mid-Sate PA.  Anyone is invited for free.  We will provide a brief update on Agile approaches included in PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition.
  • September 14th Monthly Chapter Meeting:
    • 5:00 PM Pittsburgh:  Engineering Local Interest Group presentation about the Lower Monongahela River Navigation Improvement Project with Steve Fritz.
    • 7:00 PM Pittsburgh:  Feature presentation on Hybrid Agile: Sifting Through the Logical and the Ludicrous with Jesse Fewell, a global leader in Agile methodologies.
    • 6:00-8:00 PM Johnstown:  Micah Mood’s Agile presentation live in Johnstown and Jesse Fewell’s presentation above via video feed.
  • September 14-15th:  Advanced Scrum Master Workshop with Jesse Fewell!
  • November 1st:  2017 Professional Development Day.  See great speakers live and network with your peers during this 7-PDU annual event.  This is the largest PMI project management event in Western PA!
  • Additional events and speakers are being planned for topics including leadership, agile, case studies, and other popular topics per your requests.  Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

Pittsburgh PMI Satellite Update:

  • Johnstown Satellite:  We are excited that in of 2017 we have been coordinating the monthly chapter meeting times with the Johnstown Satellite of the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter.  The 7:00 PM presentation in Pittsburgh has been transmitted to our Johnstown location.  We will continue this and other collaboration with the Johnstown Satellite to provide greater value to our project management community.
  • Mid-State Satellite based in State College, PA:  We are also very excited about the addition of the Mid-State Satellite with the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter!  We have a town hall style meeting on September 12th and are planning future events for those in Centre County and surrounding areas.
  • Other potential satellites locations:  The zone of the PMI Pittsburgh chapter includes the range of zip codes 150xx--162xx, 166xx, and 168xx.  We are excited to connect with additional project managers in these areas to provide value to you in the fields of project, program and portfolio management; agile methodologies; and business analysis!  As a reference, this includes the following southwestern PA cities: State College, Altoona, Johnstown, Seven Springs, Washington, Pittsburgh, New Castle, Hermitage, Grove City, Clarion, Brookville, Clearfield, and Indiana.  Please contact if you are interested in starting activities in your area.

 Project Management Thought:  PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition and Agile Content

The project management global standard, PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition is coming out this month, September.  As professionals in the project management field, I encourage all of us to review this latest standard.  I’ve had the opportunity to preview this in preparation for our upcoming PMP Prep class and am very happy with what I see.

For those of you pursuing your PMP Certification, the PMP Exam will change from being based on the PMBOK® 5th Edition to being based on the 6th Edition sometime in Q1 2018.

The framework of the 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups remains.  You may remember that the knowledge area of Project Stakeholder (engagement) Management was added in the 5th Edition.  Much additional information and various refinements have been added.

Agile content in the PMBOK® Guide is increased.  Considerations for Agile environments are listed throughout the knowledge areas.  A quick search results in the word “agile” showing up about 75 times.  Also, with a key principle of Agile approaches being tied to delivering project value early and often, it is good to see the word “value” about 200 times in the new PMBOK® Guide.  I’m happy to see the word “waterfall” minimized to about 3 times in the new PMBOK® guide, since it’s use is often vague and not used in reference to any specific clearly defined product development methodology.  The new PMBOK® Guide instead uses more specific terms in representing methodologies other than those defined within the Agile umbrella.

This is still A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.  It is not an Agile guide, although there are many overlapping topics.  With the project management field being broader than that of Agile development, it is good to see the Agile content placed within the context of the applicable knowledge areas, vs. listing agile content as a separate disconnected approach.  Agile approaches must be connected to the organizational flow of portfolio, program, and project management work to be lean.

In summary, as you read the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition you will see robust frameworks, processes, tools and techniques to robustly manage projects within programs and portfolios.  You will also see many appropriate agile techniques identified where they are applicable.  For more detailed information on specific agile approaches, see PMI’s document Reference Materials for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Examination.  For an updated global standard of project management with knowledge from hundreds of project management practitioners, see the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition coming this month!

Please comment on our Pittsburgh PMI LinkedIn Group with your relevant experiences and thoughts.

We look forward to seeing you at our PMI events!

Please contact me with any comments or questions about our chapter.

Best Regards,


President, Pittsburgh PMI 

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New Chapter Members

As of August 31, 2017 the chapter has 1,754 members. Please join us in welcoming the following new chapter members since the last newsletter:  Kimberly Alberts, Susan L Alexander, Michele Arena, Ankur Arora, Megan Aurin, Erica Beckham, Carol Bland, Steven Boyle, Gretchen Braidic, Gregory Brisendine, James Brokenshire, Richard Browning, Michael Bulebush, Richard Burkitt, Richard Burtnett, Robin Butts, Jason Byron, Joseph Bzorek, Nicholas Chabon, Stephanie Christ, Anthony Ciccozzi, Andrew Clarke, Jeffrey Clawson, Bill Crans, Joan Davin, Colleen Deist, Ryan Dew, Stephen Edson, Amy Elliott, Katrina Erdahl, Zach Falck, Ashley Fittz, Matthew Fochs, Michael Francis, Rahul Ganjoo, Brian Gardner, Richik Ghosh, Mark Giannangeli, Alex Gindin, Paul Gionta, Adam Good, Robert Grayson, Timothy Greiner, Katelyn Griffin, Kimberly Grimm, Mary Hall, Paul Hassett, Jeff Herzberg, Michael Hoover, Mark Hoyle, Daniel Francis Hunt, Rasheed Ibrahim, Andrew Inks, Ryan Jackson, Jordan Jennings, Avanti Johnson, Charles Kannair, Richard Kayner, Brent Kerley, Sonia Kim, Ann Kinzler, Donald Krawiec, Paul Kriebel, Rohit Kulthe, Patricia Lawrence, Camaria Lehman, Robert Lewis, Daniel Maldonado, Sidharth Malhotra, Justin Mallgrave, Dennis Manko, Greg Mautino, Heidi McMichael, Sergiu Miron, Manas Mishra, Lynne Mondock, Abby Narasimhan, Thad Nosar, Dennis Nugent, Mark Pears, Daniel Petrowski, Francis Ponko, Donald Prosser, Darren Puorro, Rajinder Puri, Rohit Rathee, Pamela Riddle, Ashleigh Riehl, Jeffrey Ritz, Jennifer Roadman, Jason Sanata, Misty Schultz, Arindam Sen, Bradley Shindle, Yuliya Shokina, Virender Soi, Michael Steich, Frank Stosic, Michael Strazisar, Zach Tappe, Christopher Terry, Jonathan Todd, Reema Troiana, Teresa Tucker, Brian Tudek, Ana Vazquez-Trejo, JoAnn Wallace, Avery Wano-Gall, Angela Wawrzeniak, Rhonda Whethers, LaMar Williams, David Wirth, Philip Wrona, Vincent Yungwirth

New Chapter Credentials

As of August 31, 2017 the chapter has 1,241 credentials in the membership (PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-ACP®, PGMP®).  Please join us in congratulating the following new chapter members that received a new credential since the last newsletter:  Debra Allen PMI-ACP ®, Ankur Arora PMP ®, Timothy Barnhart, P.E.PMP ®, Melissa Batyi PMP ®, Sushrut Bhalerao CAPM ®, Cassandra Dale PMP ®, Joan Davin PMP ®, Peter Double PMP ®, Melissa Gottschalk PMI-ACP ®, Jessica Gray PMI-ACP ®, Mary Hall CAPM ®, Zachary Hall PMI-ACP ®, Bryan Hayes PMP ®, Jackie Hertzel PMP ®, Jeff Herzberg PMP ®, David Hoffman PMP ®, Maggie Hudak PMP ®, Ryan Jackson PMP ®, Trisha Lawless PMP ®, Theresa Lemons PMP ®, Debbi Lund PMP ®, Dennis Nugent PMP ®, Matthew Paden PMP ®, Shreyans Patel PMP ®, Rohit Rathee PMP ®, Jeffrey Ritz PMP ®, Anthony Sassano PMP ®, Volkan Sezer PMP ®, Eric Skidmore PMI-SP ®, Michael Strazisar PMP ®, Mary Cathleen Vollmer PMP ®, Anthony Williams PMP ®, Jennifer Williams PMI-ACP ®, David Wirth PMP ®