Welcome to the beginning of our 2018 – 2019 season. The PMI Pittsburgh board and chapter volunteers have had a busy summer getting prepared for the season. We are excited to share all of our accomplishments in 2018 and many of the upcoming events we have planned for the remainder for the year. We will do all of this at the September meeting.

In October it’s all about you, our VOLUNTEERS! Our membership team has planned a great event for you and a wonderful giveaway for all volunteers. The education team has also been very busy preparing for the PDD event themed “Adaptive Delivery”. I am so excited about this PDD and I know you will find it very valuable; that event is scheduled for November. We will also be holding our annual strategy meeting in November which will allow us to focus on our goals for 2019.

On a somber note, the chapter has lost two of our founding chapter members this summer. You might remember when we sent you an email about David I. Cleland’s passing in August. David was an amazing ambassador for Project Management and for our chapter. Today as I am writing this post I just learned of another founding member’s passing. We lost Richard “Dick” Kimball. We will honor Dick Kimball at our September chapter meeting because I am sure many of you have fond memories of Dick that you would like to share.




Your PMI chapter wants to increase the value to the companies that sponsor our members. Part of that effort is to help identify how we can best add value within member companies and raise member awareness of educational opportunities. To meet that objective, the position of Company Coordinator provides key volunteers for our member companies. This entails a minor commitment and offers PDU’s for participation. If you are interested please send your name, company, and contact info to for more information. We look forward to partnering with you. 


Welcome New Members - June, July & August 2018

Anthony Ardestani, Golnaz Banihashemi, Kristin Behm, Kelsey Benjamin, Sean Blouin, Kathryn Bonello, Robert Butera, Adam Caplinger, Vicky Carlsson, Jennifer Chambers, Pamelia Crews, Amy Cyprych, Fernando Da Silva Gomes, Sheryl Darwin, Keith Douglas, Carol Drew, Richard Dumm, John Edelman, Deanna Fayad, Susan  Gall, Eric Greenawalt, Jennifer Greenwood, Michael Grove, Daryll Hall, Kristina Henlen, Robin Henry, Rachel Henry, Marcial Hernandez, Nicholas Hersman, Shuning Hunag, Dylan Jacquard, Robin John, Gwyndolyn Johnson, Brandon Kear, Elijah Keith, Bryan Kraynik, Andrew Lewis, Roger Lis, Christopher Mahanes, Laurel Manderino, Scott Maritzer, Patricia Marker, Jean Marshall, Diane Mastramico, Paul Meade, Michelle Miller, Dwight Nelson, Carolyn Nelson, Bill Ohnhaus, Michelle Pasquino , Michelle Rodney, Linda Roeder, Margaret Smith, Kevin Smith, Scott Smith, Paul Stevenson, Kathy Stultz, Kyle Thomas, Sonia Tuhin, Justin Wilson, Laxminarayana Yepuri.

Congratulations New Credential Holders – June, July & August 2018

Jeffrey Clawson, PMP, Noah Delmar, CAPM, Matt Goodman, PMP, James Griffin, PMP, Jonathan Keller, PMP, Zachary Larimer, CAPM, Sharon Long, PMP, Justin Mallgrave, PgMP, Clyde Naugle, PMP, Tyler Nicoletti, CAPM, Michelle Purcell, PMP, Scott Smith, PMP, Cindy Spence, CAPM, Kathy Walker, PMP, Justin Wilson, PMP, Dan Witherspoon, PMI-ACP.