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Situational Leadership: Up, Down and All-around

Strategic Business Management skills

Different situations demand the use of different tactics or approaches.  Are you the boss, a peer or a subordinate?  Do you have thenecessary influence and know how to use it?  Are you in a group or one-on-one meeting?  Are you face-face, on a call or using a video presentation tool?  In order to be successful in any situation you need a bag full of tools and techniques to minimize “noise”, focus on the situation and provide the necessary leadership.

The major points to be covered include:

  • How to use Influence and survive Politics
  • Knowing when to build rapport, gather information or lead a discussion – and how to do each
  • Knowing when to let the other party “fail”
  • Situational examples hints and tips

Whether you are a leader now or a leader-in-waiting, this presentation will provide practical content and follow-up with exercises and case studies to emphasize key points to help you achieve the best win-win outcome for you, your team and your project.


Type of category: Chapter Meeting Presentations

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management skills

Date: April 7th, 2022

Hour: 6:45PM to 8:00PM

Number of PDUs: 1