PMI Global Outreach coordinates with different PMI efforts such as PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) to leverage the benefits of the global PMI effort in our local area. This team is also responsible for identifying opportunities for recognition of our local chapter and membership at the PMI Global level through application for awards including, but not limited to, PMI Chapter of the Year Award, PMI Project of the Year Award and PMI Volunteer of the Year Award.

For further information, please contact Lee Guo Director of Global Outreach, at

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Volunteers Needed

We need your help with PMIEF (PMI Educational Foundation) and Global Outreach.

The PMIEF and Global Outreach team is looking for volunteers for the following positions:

PMIEF School Liaison:

Develop a partnership with school districts from Greater Pittsburgh Area to fulfill their needs concerning the promotion of 21st century skills. Inform schools about the opportunities of scholarship for teachers, curriculum availability or any other support PMIEF or the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter could offer to promote 21st century values to the students. 2 to 3 hours /month – 1PDU per hour

Some News about PMIEF:

If you are from a nonprofit organization and are interested in forging a partnership with PMI, we have a great resource for you! We are looking forward to meeting you!

PMIEF believes that project management is a 21st century skill that should be taught to youth to help prepare them to be successful in the 21st century workforce. The students of today are the project managers of tomorrow! Let us help bridge the talent gap and build 21st century skills with your children schools!