PMI Global Outreach coordinates with different PMI efforts such as PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) to leverage the benefits of the global PMI effort in our local area. This team is also responsible for identifying opportunities for recognition of our local chapter and membership at the PMI Global level through application for awards including, but not limited to, PMI Chapter of the Year Award, PMI Project of the Year Award and PMI Volunteer of the Year Award.

For further information, please contact Lee Guo Director of Global Outreach, at

To find out more about PMIEF’s programs and educational resources visit

Apply for PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Milestone Scholarship

To recognize PMI Pittsburgh Chapter’s 35 year anniversary milestones, and to honor our chapter’s commitment to the project management profession, PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) has setup a PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Milestone Scholarship for the amount of $3,000.

PMIEF is a non-profit, non-political, public charitable organization that advances project management knowledge as well as the application of project management concepts and theory.  Founded by PMI in 1990, PMIEF brings the benefits and power of project management to local communities and to the farthest reaches of the world for social good through its development and administration of scholarships, grants, programs and educational resources.

PMI Pittsburgh Chapter is eligible to receive US $3,000 to award professional development scholarships to chapter members who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to project management and wish to enhance their professional capabilities through relevant coursework. 

The scholarship application period will commence May 1 and conclude July 31, 2015 and will be online

Chapter Scholarship website

Contact Lee Guo Global Outreach Director at with any question. Good luck to you all!

Details about the scholarship

Our Pittsburgh Chapter was recognized for its great achievements by PMI with the 2013 Members Service Award! The Members Service Award recognizes the Professional Development opportunities and services that a Chapter offers to its members.

In additional to this huge success, one of our Outreach Directors, Sam Provil was recognized with the 2013 Volunteer of the Year Award! He was also recognized this year by our Chapter for his lifetime engagement to the Chapter.

Congratulations to Sam and to all the volunteers for getting us there!

Volunteers Needed

We need your help with PMIEF (PMI Educational Foundation) and Global Outreach.

The PMIEF and Global Outreach team is looking for volunteers for the following positions:

PMIEF School Liaison:

Develop a partnership with school districts from Greater Pittsburgh Area to fulfill their needs concerning the promotion of 21st century skills. Inform schools about the opportunities of scholarship for teachers, curriculum availability or any other support PMIEF or the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter could offer to promote 21st century values to the students. 2 to 3 hours /month – 1PDU per hour

Chapter of the Year Application Project Manager:

The PMI Global Chapter Awards recognizes PMI Chapters and Communities of Practice that have demonstrated unparalleled dedication and contributions to the project management profession.

This year PMI Global recognized the Pittsburgh Chapter for its great achievements with the 2013 Members Service Award! The Members Service Award recognizes the Professional Development opportunities and services that a Chapter offers to its members.

Next year the Chapter has decided to go for the Chapter of the Year Award! We need a Project Manager to lead the application process, define the goals, assemble the team, and gather all the information from the team. The Project Manager defines and tracks project scope, goals, schedule, budgets, and execution strategies in collaboration with project stakeholders. 1 to 2 hours /week from March to April – 1PDU per hour

If you are interested, please contact Lee Guo Director of Global Outreach, at

Some News about PMIEF:

If you are from a nonprofit organization and are interested in forging a partnership with PMI, we have a great resource for you! We are looking forward to meet you!

PMIEF believes that project management is a 21st century skill that should be taught to youth to help prepare them to be successful in the 21st century workforce. The students of today are the project managers of tomorrow! Let us help bridge the talent gap and build 21st century skills with your children schools!

Article from the February 2013 Newsletter:

PMI Educational Foundation’s Academic, Training, and Professional Development Scholarships

PMIEF Scholarships and Awards Program supports development of the best and brightest future project management professionals and other professionals worldwide through learning opportunities.  Over $237K awarded in 2012

The program is open to:

  • College and university students - High school seniors and students at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels who are studying project management and related fields are eligible for our college and university scholarships.
  • Educators - Primary and secondary school teachers and administrators who wish to implement project-based learning in the classroom.
  • Non-Profits - Employees of non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who wish to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.
  • Professionals - Project management practitioners who wish to improve their professional capabilities.

Article from the January 2013 Newsletter:

What does PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) offer? 

Annually, PMIEF awards over US $400,000 in scholarships, awards, and doctoral research grants. Scholarships are available to students, teachers, nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and project managers.  

PMIEF partners with nonprofit organizations to incorporate project management into youth programs and workforce development programs.

PMIEF provided more than US $300,000 in grants to develop youth programs, nonprofit/NGO training materials, teacher training materials, and workforce development programs for unemployed workers.

PMIEF offers no cost educational resources (for non-commercial use) that include curricula for youth aged 6 – 20, career resources, training materials for teachers and nonprofits/NGOs, and materials to build project management skills for life.

PMIEF is working with US States and ministers of education to promote project management as a critical life and professional skill, as well as to implement project management related curricula.