Welcome to our newest Chapter Members as of MARCH 2020:

Eric Blum, Michael Cain, Eligio Cardona, Gregory Chabra, Regina Colorito, Travis Cope, Robert Cowan, Roman Dukhovenko, Meg Farkas, Ruth Gaus, Mark Hamilton, Alison Laird, Randall Levelle, Kerri Lewis, Ernie Martinelli, Christopher Neith, Timothy Pace, Lindsay Plaskett, Miles Royer, Areej Sajjad, Courtney Snyder Biancucci, Adam Thomas, Candace Thompson, Shivani Tuli, Jaime Vasas, and Nick Zak.


Become a part of the world's leading organization in project management and begin enjoying the benefits. PMI offers membership types for professionals, students and retirees.  

You can join PMI and choose the Pittsburgh Chapter (component) after joining the international PMI organization.

Learn more about joining PMI through the International website

There are three types of memberships available in the Project Management Institute.

  • Worldwide
  • Chapter - geographically based
  • LIG (Local Interest Group) - based on industry or area of interest


There are three classifications of memberships in the PMI:

To become a worldwide member as:

  • An Individual ($129)
  • A Student ($32)
  • Or Retiree ($65)

Chapter (or component):

In addition to joining the PMI, most people also join a chapter for the geographic area where you live or work; and a Specific Interest Group (SIG) based on your industry or area of interest.

  • The cost to join the Pittsburgh Chapter is $35 
  • Worldwide membership is a prerequisite to becoming a Chapter or SIG member and the PMI website is where you sign up for all three memberships.  Visit PMI's membership page to for more details on the types of membership and the benefits of joining the PMI. Or, go directly to the Individual Membership Application page and sign up now.

    Why Join the Pittsburgh Chapter?
  • Free Professional Development Units (PDU’s)!

Local Interest Group:

Once certified as a PMP or one of the other credentials, members must earn PDU’s to maintain their credentials. Attending chapter or Local Interest Group (LIG) meetings, is an easy and inexpensive way to do this. Receive 1 PDU for each chapter or Local Interest Group (LIG) meeting you attend. Give a presentation at one of the meetings and earn 5 PDU’s .

  • Meet and learn from project management professionals who live and work in the Pittsburgh area. 
  • Local Interest Groups (LIG’s)

The Pittsburgh Chapter sponsors three LIG’s which focus on the challenges and solutions unique to a specific industry:


  • By joining PMI, you agree to adhere to the PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. 
  • Component Membership will expire the same day as your PMI Membership