Women Shaping Tomorrow's Artificial Intelligence (AI): Social Needs

Ways of Working
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Join WIPM in February for a discussion of the participation, representation and contribution of women within the fields that support and shape the future of AI in our society.  Our own WIPM volunteer, Martha Benson, will walk us through the intersection of women in AI which involves more than just technology.  It includes ethics, law, project management, and other areas.  We'll explore how diversity specific women can lead to more inclusive and ethical AI environment and create more quality and justice for communities.  
Speaker Info:
Martha Benson
Innovation is always a big motivation in my life. I am a solving problem and solution driver professional. I have had the privilege to work in various positions and different countries, this helps me to have a holistic view and different approach to problems and solutions. My name is Martha Benson I am from Bogota Colombia. I have 40 years of professional experience, working as an IT Auditor, business consultant, project manager, vice president of technology and as a government adviser. All those different experiences give me the unvaluable formation, versatility, organization, and resilience.
Be an engineer in Colombia in earlies eighties was very challenge time for me. I had the privilege to work with United Nation, Interamerican Development Bank in different countries in Central, North, and south America. I witnessed the big gender bias, stereotypes, and underrepresentation of women in our countries.
 Today I am doing my own practices, also teaching in Seton Hill university and I am principal adviser for Women in AI for ALiAr – The association for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Sout America. I am a System Engineer, master’s in management technology and master’s in public policy and technology from Carnegie Mellon University. I am Project Manager Professional and Six Master Black Bell. Today my focus is helping companies and communities to prepare for Artificial Intelligence.

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Type of category: Women in Projects

Type of activity: Ways of Working

Date: February 22nd, 2024

Hour: 7:00PM to 8:00PM

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