Building Resilient Teams

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Building Resilient Teams

Your team’s foundation is shaken. The last few years have brought new levels of stress, fear, and workload to your team. So how do you build a stronger team that completes projects at the highest level? You start with a remodeling project! First, we look at the effects of the mental and physical exhaustion that can undermine your team's effectiveness. Acknowledging this stress, not only personally but for your team gives a foundation to start building. In any good building project, we will grab the right tools to build back up. The tools used in this remodeling project include: Effective Communication, Clear Goals and Celebrating Accomplishments. Using interactive exercises, storytelling, and a bit of humor Kathy will give your team critical insights on how to begin the building project. 

Loaded with their assessment, tools and mindset shift, participants build their individual and team resilience. Stress, workload and fear may be with us, but building each other up and finding ways to encourage high levels of commitment to their teams is the outcome of this session.

Learning Objectives:

1.Identify the disruptions that are affecting themselves and their team by examining both mental and physical burnout.

2.Learn the three critical tools needed to care for each other and build stronger, resilient teams.

3.Understand how to create a resilient mindset for disruption and change to aid in flexibility for future disruptive events.

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Speaker Bio

Kathy Parry works with leading professional services firms including: Consulting, Accounting and Banking that want to energize employees in order to BOOST PERFORMANCE, INCREASE RETENTION and IMPROVE STAFF UTILIZATION.

Audiences rave about Kathy’s humorous, yet inspirational speaking style. A recognized authority in personal energy and productivity, Kathy uses her passion to ignite positive changes for professional services leaders and early-career associates. Prior to launching her own business Kathy was a trainer for a super-regional bank on their merger and acquisition team. Travel throughout the south implementing training for merger-acquired operations facilities, Kathy developed her own protocol for staying energized and productive on the road.

But it was Kathy’s fourth child who taught her the most about energy. Merritt Joy was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease. Her cells did not properly turn food into energy. Kathy spent the next several years becoming an expert in cellular function and received her Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from T.Colin Campbell Program at eCornell University. She makes the science of energy engaging and audiences leave her sessions with an action list to power-up their own lives.

Kathy also holds degrees in Business and Food Management from Miami University and a coaching certification from WellCoaches. Ms. Parry is a professional member of The National Speakers Association and has authored three books: The Ultimate Recipe for an Energetic Life and Hung Over, Sleep-Deprived, Over-Caffeinated and Living on Pizza and Eating for Energy: Four Seasons of Real Food.  Kathy lives in Pittsburgh, PA.  She enjoys a mild dark chocolate addiction and cooking for her hungry friends.

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Date: April 11th, 2024

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