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2020 Pittsburgh PMI - PittAgile Gathering



2 days of online educational seminars


brought to you under the joint leadership of 

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We are pleased to announce that the PIttAgile Meetup group and the Pittsburgh chapter of the PMI are combining their 2020 PittAgile Gathering and Professional Development Day into one event, the 2020 Pittsburgh PMI - PittAgile Gathering.

With Agility coming more to the forefront in organizations, Project Managers and Agile Practitioners are confronted with the challenges of change in people, processes and the very concepts of how we built products and organizations.  

This event enables you to join any of 40+ sessions in any of six tracks to make your learning as unique as you are.  For our PMI attendees, you may accrue PDUs at any session. Further, we are recording sessions and making the content available on line.



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Our agenda includes:

Two Great Keynotes:

  • JJ Sutherland - Getting Scrum Right From the Start
  • Alan Mallory - Project High Notes: The Psychology of Connection

Sessions are organized under the following tracks:


Being Agile

Agile is not just a framework but a mindset, a philosophy, a way of being.  Being Agile is examining what we do through the 12 principles of Agile not simply applying a process.  This track maps tools and techniques to these principles to assure we are being agile starting with ourselves and extending through the teams and organizations to which we belong.  The goal is to truly be agile, not just do Agile.

  • Betsy Irizarry and Sam Pareso - From co-creation to co(ntinuous)-creation –After the exec says go. How do you sustain it?
  • Aaron Kopel - Grokking Culture with Competing Values Framework
  • Julianne Wolfe -Overcoming Communication Assumptions to Avoid Team Conflict
  • Peter Schramm, Nick Furar - Making it personal in today's digital age
  • Christopher Ruch - Effective Value Stream Management to Drive Transformation at Scale
  • Ryan Knoblauch - The Marriage of Agile and Design Thinking


Changing Role of Project Managers

The duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager are accordingly becoming more critical and diversified now than ever. Presentations in this track will offer insight into how today’s Project Managers are called upon to collaborate with multiple people, teams, and vendors, and create added value for their projects.

  • Greg Githens - Bouncing Forward With Strategic Thinking
  • Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD - The Secret Leadership Mindset That Improves Project Delivery
  • Anita Dhir, PMP® - Sponsorship: Key to Effective Change Implementation
  • Emily Luijbregts - How to be a Chameleon in Your Project: Changing Your Management Style to Lead a Successful Project
  • Joseph A. Lukas - The Evolving Change from Project to Business Manager, 2-How to Achieve More Accurate Schedules in the Future
  • Kevin Pitts - 1-Communicating Change: Telling Powerful Project Stories, 2-Speaker Reel
  • Mark Cruth - Let Me Tell You A Story: The Power of Storytelling in Organizational Change
  • Uri Galimidi - Building High-Performing Teams
  • David Davis - Disciplined Agile Flex – Concepts of Workflow, Value Stream, MBI (Minimum Business Increments)


Project Managers as Transformational Change Ambassadors

Project management is constantly evolving, driven by disruptive technologies, new business models, and a rapidly changing workforce. Tracks in this session will help Project Managers assume the role of formal change agents to navigate and enhance the success of complex, comprehensive projects.

  • Joe Pusz -Purpose Driven PMO, Empowering People to Deliver Results
  • Peter Taylor - Collaborate your way to Project Team Success
  • Lisa Hammer & David B. Newman - The Servant Leader: The True Essence of Leadership
  • Matt Craig - Chameleon. Agent of change. Hero. You.
  • Alan Zucker -Road Tripping the Organization Change: Taking an Agile Adaptive Approach
  • David Radin - Agility: The New Competitive Divide Developing an Agile Workforce Under Adversity and Disruption
  • Donna Brighton - Your Leadership Voice
  • Kate Milani and Nila Vaishnav - From the Triple Constraint to the Triple Bottom Line: Sustainable Project Management


Creating a Truly Great Agile Organization

This program is for anyone who cares about doing something significant with and for many!  Weaving together agile ways of being, doing, and leading, this multi-session program will help you strengthen the loop between it all.  You will be inspired, equipped, & ready to rally others to action.


  • Beth Davis - Meaning Making - connecting to the WHY well before the WHAT and HOW
  • John Davis, Beth Davis - Investing in Opportunities - WHAT you Focus on Matters Most
  • Beth Davis, McCaul Baggett - Scrumming the World
  • Beth Davis; Christine Marty-Kotecki - Evolving People Practices
  • Beth Davis, Kate Maurin - Know People Deeply
  • Beth Davis - Sustaining Practices


Doing Agile

Tools are essential and this track is meant to equip with the tools and techniques you need to grow Agile in yourself and others.  Find out about three levels of leadership, building and leading remote teams, and mapping the Three Amigos just to name a few.

  • Ben Kopel, Jon Jorgensen - How to Spot 3 Levels of Leadership in the Wild
  • Amber Vanderburg - Building and Leading Remote Teams
  • Brian Gray - Revitalizing the Daily Scrum
  • Thomas Haver - Example Mapping: The New Three Amigos
  • Mark P. Hahn - Scaled Agile Framework is an Anti-Pattern


PMs in an Agile World

The common misconception is there is no place for the skills and work of a traditional Project Manager in Agile.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  PMs are more important in an Agile world than in a Waterfall world.”  While the responsibilities of some things may shift to other roles and the form of some things change, the business still needs to be run and virtually every area of the PMBOK still needs to be addressed in one form or another. This session is a combination of presentations,  forums and Q&A  that covers Agile principles and extends through the roles, responsibilities, tools, and the challenges faced by PMs and organizations crossing into Agile.

  • Jon Stahl - Basic Agile
  • Jon Stahl; Mike Jebber; George Murphy; Julias Shaw - Planning, Estimation and delivering products in an Agile World
  • Jon Stahl; Mike Jebber; George Murphy; Julias Shaw; Brian Hall; Dave McKenna; Ed Wiancko - Mapping Agile to a Project Manager's skills and experience
  • Jon Stahl; Mike Jebber; George Murphy; Julias Shaw. - The roles of the Product Manager / Product Owner in Agile delivery
  • Dan Tennant - An Agile Island in a Waterfall World
  • George Murphy - Agile Buzzword Game! And closing remarks

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Type of activity: Professional Development

Date: November 13th to November 14th, 2020

Hour: 8:00AM to 4:20PM

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