Project Management Insight #46

Four thoughts on project management:

1)  It’s nice to see managers outside the project management discipline echo the best practices from our field. Stephanie Trovato shares a comprehensive guide (with videos) on stakeholder management. Check it out as it has some useful information for new PMs as well for those of us who are later in our careers.

2)  Richard Gold challenges us with the question: “What is the opposite of work?” Check out Richard’s blog post to find out the answer on how to be more productive and to help your team create shared experiences.

3)  Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and Ricardo Vargas have been speaking on the topic of Project Management and AI for quite some time. Here is a recent article they wrote for the Harvard Business Review where they envision “virtual project assistants” aiding project leaders, thus freeing them up to focus on coaching and stakeholder management. Would you agree with this vision?

4)  Once again, hat tip to Elizabeth Harrin for maintaining such a great list of project management events for 2023 on her blog: “Rebels Guide to PM”. Check out Elizabeth’s list if you are looking for networking or training opportunities this year.

Three recent happenings:

1)    The inaugural International PMO Day was held on May 9, 2023. Check out some of the pictures and posts from around the world celebrating the importance of PMOs. Go PMO Teams!

2)  The Project Management Institute is looking for public comment and feedback on The Standard for Program Management. Anyone interested is welcome to participate and you can access the comment website. The feedback period is open through July 3, 2023.

3)  The World Economic Forum released its Future of Jobs 2023 Report. The report notes that creative thinking, analytical thinking, technological literacy, and curiosity/life-long learning are the top four core skills on the rise, in that order. How are you going to nurture your creative thinking?

Two miscellaneous suggestions:

1)   Whether you are into podcasts or not, I am finding Galen Low’s podcast The Digital Project Manager to be very informative. Check it out if you have not heard it already.

2)   Someday this newsletter, Project Management Insights, may show up on this list — has an excellent list of the 25 Best Management Newsletters to Read.

 One question for YOU the reader to ponder:

  • How do you keep your team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles?


“Most people don’t believe in themselves because they don’t understand how insanely special they are.”

― Lewis Howes, author/speaker

 “Learn to listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.”

― H. Jackson Brown, author


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