Project Management Insight #48

Four thoughts on project management:

1)  Liz Weber spells out some great advice on how to communicate with executives and board of directors. Read more about communicating with executives, an essential skill for project leaders.

2)  Mark Cruth, Atlassian’s resident Modern Work Coach, shares a team-mapping exercise that helps improve collaboration across teams. I have done something similar in the past; Mark’s approach is more structured. Check it out!

3) In order to “up” our communication game, project leaders need to improve our storytelling skills. Eric Raza shares several Storytelling Tips for Project Managers.

4)  Christopher Scordo of PM Training posted an excellent article on LinkedIn around the future of work, AI/ML, and our profession. Chris shares a measured, yet optimistic assessment of impact of innovation on our roles and work.

Three recent happenings:

1)  The Center for Project Management at Harrisburg University has established an academic journal titled Beyond the Project Horizon Journal of Project Management Innovation. They are looking for article submissions.

2)  July 15th was World Youth Skills Day. Read Oliver Lazar’s piece on how our profession and the PM community should be optimistic about the rising talents of youth.

3)  The Project Management Institute recently released a report on Measuring the Impact of ESG Initiatives.

Two miscellaneous suggestions:

1)  Check out this great half-year journaling exercise from our friends at Struthless Studios in Australia. Thanks to Cam Walker for this free resource to help us “get back on track”.

2)  Read Sarah Rye’s article on how the power of collaboration between the teams, end-users, and stakeholders can tackle complexity and risk.

One question for YOU the reader to ponder:
  • Who in your organization can you help “level up”?


“Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.”

― Euripides, ancient playwright

“Summer is a season of lazy days, warm nights, and endless possibilities.”

― unknown


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