Musings from the President's Desk 

February 2022:    "I'm Lou Martina, and I approve this message!" 


First, let me take this moment to thank the Chapter for allowing me this opportunity to serve the community in my new role of 'President'.  I am following the path most recently laid down by Kimberly Reed, PMP, PMI-ACP, and joined by a talented and engaged Board of Directors  (see link).


I've always found the month of February to be one of preparing for change.  02-FEB brings 'Groundhog's Day' and depending on one's perspective, it can be a month of doing the same ol' thing, as depicted in the popular movie with a similar title, or, it can be a month of preparing for the coming changes of Spring!  


I'd like to think that I am going to use this "bully pulpit" to be an advocate for change, diversity, & inclusion within the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter.  And, if these past two years have been any indication of the whirlwind of change, upheaval, discovery, and inclusion, then I’d like to continue this optimistic opportunity to attack the status-quo.


February is also Black History Month.  I am very encouraged by the Chapter’s willingness to use this month to shape & change any prevailing attitudes and improve opportunities for diversity.  Not just busting down the barriers to racial diversity, but tearing down any ethnic, age, or sexual barriers that keep us from embracing the possibilities of what our chapter could be.


In January, the Board of Directors laid out a plan to increase the value of chapter membership by focusing on improved networking opportunities through hybrid meetings that will allow in-person and virtual participation with chatgroups. We are also looking at implementing PM Affinity Groups where members with shared functional and organizational interests can gather regularly for meetings and networking opportunities.  Look for David Begis, VP Membership, and his team to provide more information on this topic, soon. 


So, for right now, I am asking you, the current chapter members and prospective professionals who may be thinking of a career in project management, to join me in our preparations during this blustery month of February 2022 to lay the foundations of growth and change in these coming months.